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    I returned to an old CC3 map I had done years ago and wanted to save a PNG copy out to use on a website. When I go to apply effects to the text in order to get a glow effect all of my contours fall to the back of the sheets and I can't figure out how to restore them. Any suggestions?

    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2018
    Could you perhaps post a screenshot of what is happening here. I am not sure if I completely understand. Perhaps even post your .fcw as well, looking at the actual map usually makes it easier to figure out the problem.
    I bring up the map as I have done many times before to apply effects to the text.
    Here you can see me selecting the glow option.
    When I apply the change you will notice all of the color contours vanish. It is most noticeable in the Arctic but it happens throughout the map. No matter what I do I cant seem to bring them back to their former positions.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2018 edited
    My guess is that the Edge Fade, Inner effect setting for those sheets is too high so the colors fade almost immediately from the center of the poly they're drawn with. Try reducing the values of the effect on one of the sheets to see if that works.

    Alternatively, change the Effect Units. For overland maps, the Effect Units ought to be Percent of Drawing Extents Width, though Map Units work okay, they just don't adjust much with zoom. Another problem can be if the units are set to one Effect Unit but you thought they were another when you adjusted the effect values.

    I hope that helps.

    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2018 edited
    Dogtag is correct about the effects units being the issue, but let me add a bit of information.
    Back in CC3, all effects used map units for effects sizing, but in CC3+, a choice was added to most effects to offer relative sizes too. What happened here is that the edge effect defaulted to percent of view width since no explicit setting was set. So the correct fix for your map should be to edit the effects, and set all the Effect Units to Map Units, since that is what CC3 would have used them as, and what you tuned them for.
    I went ahead and reopened it in CC3. It has been so long since I played with effect settings that I couldnt figure out how to adjust it. Thanks for the advice guys!