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    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2018
    I know that it is not possible to move more than one sheet up or down at a time, nor symbols in symbol catalogs, but is that a capability that could be easily added into the program, for say a future update? When you have to shift several sheets up or down or especially symbols in the symbol catalog (to get them together to group them), it can get really tedious and time-consuming (in the symbol catalog, anyway). Maybe that isn't something that can be done in CC3+ or CAD programs. I'm just asking about the feasibility..? Inquiring minds want to know... or something...
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2018 edited
    For symbols, the easiest way is to use Symbols -> Rename & Reorder -> Create symdef name file to create a text file you can easily reorder and then import back in.
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2018
    Ah. Thank you. So many aspects of CC3+ still to FIND, let alone learn...
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2018
    ...well, that makes a world of difference!