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    • CommentAuthorahawk1972
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    Are the symbol sets good in CC3+ or are the Annuals a better option?

    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    That's a subjective question. It depends on what kind of symbols you want. I want the kind most of the time that are found in the annuals, but you may like what is found in the Symbol Sets. Are you looking for more modern styles of artwork? then maybe the annuals are better for you. Are you looking for vector art? then the symbol sets would probably be better for you.
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    All symbol sets and all annuals work in cc3plus.
    • CommentAuthorahawk1972
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    So are the symbol sets basically like the CC3 Standard overland?
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2018
    Well, it really depends. Basically, most annual symbol sets have similar groupings -- mountains, trees, etc. for overland, furniture, dungeon dressing, etc. for dungeons. But there is a lot of variation from annual to annual, depending upon the theme, artist, etc. Some have many more items than others and not all have the same groupings. The same goes for texture fills. Some annuals have many while others have a few or none, again depending on various things. And of course, styles vary widely from annual to annual. So, there isn't really an answer as to which symbol sets or annuals are best or better as its all a matter of taste and need.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2018
    The symbol sets are more fully featured than the annuals, the individual annual styles carries fewer symbols in the style than the symbol sets does for their styles. So a symbol set usually gives 1 or 2 large styles (as in modern raster styles, there are usually some older legacy vector styles included as well, which you may or may not find useful), while an annual gives you 12 smaller styles, but in return, you typically get quite a bit of variety with several different styles from different map types.
    • CommentAuthorLorelei
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2018
    If you go to THIS page you can check out the Annuals and see examples of maps made with the symbols afforded. Same to be said with each symbol set. As said above, it all really depends on what needs you have. But I will warn you.....once you buy one Annual, you can't seem to stop, lol!! Happy mapping
    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    I like to use all of them because quite often I mix and match symbols from different sets