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    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2017
    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a bit of trouble with some photoshop brushes that I downloaded to use with CC3+. I am using the September 2010 issue of the cartographer's annual and following the instructions exactly as described. It says to download ABR viewer so you can view the files and then export them to a folder in your Symbols folder, and create a new folder inside the Symbol folder for them. I've done all of that.

    Here is where the problem comes in. It says you can use the symbols directly from there if you want to, or you can create a symbol catalog with them.

    Now the photoshop bundle came with five symbols in it. And when I tried to just use them directly just so I could see what they all looked like up close, CC3+ keeps putting the same symbol onto the cursor, no matter which symbol I try to click on.

    Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I can't find anything about it in the CC3+ manual or the Tome of Ultimate Mapping, and there is nothing about it in the Annual either.

    Please help.
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2017
    What is the length of the file names for those image files? CC3(+) cannot handle more than 31 characters in symbol names, so if the names are longer, it can cause CC3+ to see all of them as the same symbol, so it will use the one already in the map (the first one you clicked on basically)
    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2017 edited
    Thanks Monsen, that was the problem. It was named "Chinese_Dragons_By_Hawksmont_Photoshop_Brushes."