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    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2017
    For interests sake, and my goal incentive, I append my list of maps to do for the Community Atlas. Nearly finished 4 of the five maps due before Xmas. I find a goal sheet here really helps.
    And how about an informal poll on what you would like me to do first in the New Year. Majority will win.

    To Do before Xmas 2017
    • Dunor Region
    • Stromphe Dockside Region
    • Three Wizards’ Isles
    • Dungroth
    • Port Digby

    Mapping Plan for 2018
    Spiros Isle
    1. Upper Storey of Monastery (use cathedral CA10)
    2. Crypt of Monastery (use DD3 and SS4)
    3. Caverns below Monastery Crypt (use Cave Mapping CA07)
    4. DungeonWorld below caverns, and encompassing all Spiros (use Dungeon World CA114)
    5. Village of Parateige on Spiros (use CC3 and CD3)
    6. Village of Diastizo on Spiros (use CC3 and CD3)
    7. Village of Aretezo on Spiros (use CC3 and CD3)
    8. Tomb of Dwarf Lords on Spiros (use Monsen’s Mines CA125)
    9. Orestes Ruins on Spiros (use SS4)
    10. Elven settlement in Archinesa woods on Spiros (use CC3 and CD3)
    11. Lizardman colony in Pitakos Marsh on Spiros (use Battlemaps CA108)
    12. Werewolf family in Faros Downs on Spiros (use Battlemaps CA108)
    13. Orcs (Grim) in Parateige Hills on Spiros use Jon Robert’s Dungeon CA54)
    14. Pan’s Henge on Spiros (use DD3 with Mike Schey – SS4)
    15. Iamexos Reefs on Spiros with shipwrecks. (use Marine Maps CA130)
    16. “Dancing Princess” sloop on Spiros (use Ships CA27)
    Aladousis (Helmonte)
    1. Enthymesia, capital ‘city’ (town) on Aladousis (use John Speed city CA02)
    1. Finish all district maps (use CD3)
    2. Do following buildings as generic types
    a. Temple
    b. Shopping Mall
    c. Upper class establishment (labelled GH)
    d. Warehouse
    e. Block of Apartments
    f. Urban Hotel
    Do village of Runcibor (use Village Battlemaps CA131)
    Do town of Gronvang
    Do more Dunor Valley Local Maps
    Do region of Truwithiel
    Do Sanctuary Valley
    Forlorn Archipelago
    Do village in CA117 City Streets
    Do Manor in CA113 Naomi’s Floorplans
    Do Caer Saes
    • Do Roman type Fort (like Hadrian Wall forts)
    • Do Stone Circle complex (like Stonehenge/Ring of Brogdar/Callanais/Avebury
    • Do Neolithic tomb complex (like Newgrange)
    • Do Castle like Dunluce in Northern Ireland
    • And other inspirations from my trip to the UK and Ireland