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    • CommentAuthorKGodvalley
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2017
    Just started toying around with scripts for fractal terrains. Is there a repository of user made scripts?

    And.. the sample scripts in the tome tell of and use commands that use offset, scale rainfall, temperature, prescale... Now, i recognize all of those from the other tools except for scale. What does it do?

    Guessing one could write an entire tome of scripts for the complete suite :P
    • CommentAuthorjslayton
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2017
    scale is the internal name for roughness.
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2017
    Look forward to what your scripts will do.
    • CommentAuthorKGodvalley
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2017
    Ahh.... Thanks jslayton.

    And thanks too Quenten, but don't old your breath :P Still trying to just make something half decent