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    • CommentAuthorKGodvalley
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017 edited
    Hi again

    Potentially another stupid question, but we gotta learn somehow. Trying to learn CC3 properly now, so following sweeneys tutorial. Know that is on CC3 and not +, but for now it hasnt mattered much

    Now... The attachec picture show my start, but there are 2 things wrong with it.
    First, i cannot find out how to make the island that is not totally covered by the map not have a beach (light blue line at the side touching the edge, see red box). It's not supposed to be water there, you know, but more land. Now it looks like there is an unnaturally straigth beach there (this problem sticks through picture output/save)

    Second, when editing i have a lot of artefact lines or similar going through the maps (marked in orange). Now these do not persist in picture output, and move around when zooming. They are therefore not as big of a problem, but are quite irritating when editing. Edit: Actually, they do persist through picture save, just didnt spot it before.

    I presume the error exists between the chair and the keyboard, so please, help me out here :D

    Kind Regards, and thanks in advance.
      some problems.jpg
    • CommentAuthorBarliman
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017
    As far as I can tell, those line artifacts only occur in this style and with that bright blue coastline. At least, I've not been able to recreate it in any other style I've tried. What I did to eliminate it was hide every sheet except the coastline sheet and then delete the coastline. I then used a mix of inner/outer fade and glow effect to create a shoreline effect. It might have been from one of Sweeney's videos that I got this. I've attached the map I had this problem in so you can see the fade and glow settings I used.