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    • CommentAuthorLadieStorm
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017 edited
    I don't know what happened?!? But I seem to be stuck in some sort of command prompt. This is for my November challenge map, and I have completed so much that I don't want to close it out without saving. I've enabled the autosave to at least save the work, but I'm afraid it's also going to autosave the glitch that is preventing me from doing anything. I can't save, I can't zoom out, I can't zoom in closer. I can't change symbol catalogues.

    I CAN place symbols, as long as I choose a symbol in the current catalogue, move symbols, and if I click on the bars that move the work screen, I can move to different places in my fcw.

    Now, for what I was doing when this occured: I was switching from DD3 to CD3, so that I could easily load the structure catalogues. This map is being made in both DD3 and CD3. I'm in the process of building the village that resides inside my fort. But that means building, houses and the like. I have to change from DD3 to CD3 to make the village. It's something I've done a hundred times before.

    But this time I got stuck somehow... my cursor is the arrow with the 'command[] export;' stuck on it. When I click on file/save as, nothing happens. If I click on zoom extents, nothing happens.

    Please, please, how do I fix this?
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017
    Try hitting Esc (a couple of times). Esc cancels the current command.
    • CommentAuthorLadieStorm
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017
    I will give it a try, thanks Remy!!!