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    • CommentAuthorLadieStorm
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2017
    I'm in the process of installing the update for cc3+. It's almost at the end, when I get an error message saying that the update can't find fcw32.mac? I had the option to abort, retry or ignore, but it asked me to verify I had it. So I checked my program data cc3+, and sure enough, I'm missing the fcw32.mac. I know my old cc3+ had it. Do I need to do a repair install? or can I copy that one file into the new installation?
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017
    Is this with the newest update (update 13)? I remember this was a issue with some of the earlier updates, but I thought that were fixed now. Anyhow, it is safe to just hit ignore in that box. What happens then is that the current macro file won't be backed up before being overwritten by a new copy, but that doesn't really matter for a new install, that only really matters if you have made any changes to that file yourself that you'd like to keep.
    • CommentAuthorLadieStorm
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2017
    Yes, that is with the newest installation, and at least for me, it's still happening. But I have the update installed, and for what I've done so far, it's running smoothly. I still have to handle the installs of the Collection pack (Dundjinni Stuff), but that shouldn't take too long.