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    Every time I try to save my map as a Bitmap JPEG I get the command window open up on my computer and I can see it going through the sheets trying to export them but after a minute I get an error message that pops up saying "Unable to save. Temporary file saved at:" and then the location I was attempting to save it at. This happens when I'm trying to save it as other than a JPEG and no matter where I save it. Any solutions? I am using the latest version of CC3 and need the map for a campaign I'm running on Saturday.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Install the latest update (13), it fixes this problem.
    I attempted to update last night. It told me I had the latest version.
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Are you sure you ran the correct file? The CC3+ updates never says that, it just runs through the update every time you run it, no matter if you are up to date or not.

    In any case, you can check your CC3+ version in Help -> About. The latest version is 3.79. (Note however that that is the program version, and since the update also updates artwork and other resources, you should never relay on the program version alone to determine if you need to run the update, the update also fixes other things than the program itself, such as files installed by add-ons and so on)
    I'll give that a try and let you know. Thanks.