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    I backed the kickstarter a while ago, and now I would like to import the png symbols into my copy of CC3+.

    He linked to this instruction page:

    However, I have not done this before and I think I need a slightly more basic instruction set.

    He has four different types of objects in the .png set. Creature, symbol, texture and token. Tokens have quite a few subcategories, but all are objects to be places on a dungeon map (some are landscape details but I would say they are better as the exterior of a "dungeon" map vs. an overland symbol.

    Names are pretty long, for example: SS_001_Token240_Object_Cauldron_large.png, and there are small, medium and large versions of each symbol.

    There is only one creature (spider bear) and only one symbol (secret door) and only three textures.

    I am not sure how to figure out the exact scale used.

    This is my first attempt to create a catalog / symbol set so I am a little lost.

    Even steering me to a tutorial or good but much smaller example would help as I am not sure exactly where to start with it.
    • CommentAuthorJosh.P.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2017 edited
    I went through this recently. Put some time aside. It's not a difficult process but it's far from an obvious process.

    I used Joe's video. The result is I can now click one of the Dungeons of Schley buttons and it opens a prompt for me to pick between the KS symbols or the standard. I will make a video of the process specifically focused on importing these symbols at some stage.

    Here's the video I followed:
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2017 edited
    In addition to the video linked by daplunk, note that CC3+ will automatically create various resolutions from your source files, so only use the highest resolution of the files from the kickstarter, you don't need the small and medium versions.

    I recommend sorting them in folders based on symbol type, exactly how is up to you, this is just a way of organizing them.

    I also recommend renaming them before importing, as having symbols start with the very nondescriptive 'ss_001_Token240_Object' string isn't very helpful.

    For the scale, check them in an image editor, and figure out how many pixels per foot they are. For example if a symbol that depicts a small knife (about a foot) is 100 pixels long, then the images are 100 pixels/foot. If images vary, I would simply import them all as 100/foot and manipulate scale in CC3+ afterwards.