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    While checking my downloads for the Dundjinni Archives that I somehow never installed, I came across a cc3 setup.exe that I don't recognize. It's called Mam_Dark Fantasy. I must have downloaded it during an update, or maybe when I was downloading free examples, or something? Anyone know what this is?
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2017 edited
    It's a "dark fantasy" CC3 vector symbol set by Ralf that matches the "Fantasy Color" vector style from SS1 (Fantasy Overland). There are three catalogs: Mountains, Structures and Vegetation. The installer saves the symbol catalogs so they integrate into that style, so you can easily load them by clicking the appropriate catalog button.

    It's a CC3 symbol set so it won't install to the CC3+ locations and the symbol catalogs won't integrate properly with the catalog buttons in CC3+ because CC3 uses a different method for catalog filters. But the symbols themselves will work just fine in CC3+ if you load them manually. You can install them and then just copy them from the CC3 location to your CC3+ data folder. Check out this forum topic for more info. Be sure to read it all — it starts in 2011 but the last few posts are from 2016, including one from someone I believe you know well.  ;)  :D

    I hope that helps,
    lol, all right I will give it a look :)
    Okay, here's a better question. I don't have cc3, only cc3+. This exe is for cc3. What will happen if I run a cc3 executable on cc3+? I know it won't install properly, but exactly what will happen? I want to be able to use these symbols, but I don't have a zipped symbol folder than I can extract... I have set up exe. So if I run this exe, what will it do?
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2017
    Most probably, it will complain that it didn't find CC3, and refuse to install.

    But you have the CC3+ Tome, don't you? These symbols are actually distributed with it, should be in @Symbols\Maps\SS1\Fantasy\Color\DF*.FSC;
    which means I already have them :). Thanks for the heads up Remy :)
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2017
    Posted By: MonsenBut you have the CC3+ Tome, don't you? These symbols are actually distributed with it, should be in @Symbols\Maps\SS1\Fantasy\Color\DF*.FSC;
    Well, shucks!