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    I'll start off that I'm new to the community, and I didn't found a place to make this post so my apologies if it's on the wrong subforum.

    Anyway, I'm starting up minecraft servers and I'm creating a forum for the players. I want to use a ProFantasy map as background for the forum.

    Requirements of the map
    - A logo that I've created myself will be on top of the map so don't put the map name on top of it.
    - The server name is SkyQuest, but I'm more thinking of an old medieval map. There should be markers on the map leading to a chest with gold. To get there, there are a lot of quests on the road, for example a pirate ship nearby, caves, etc.
    - The map should be big, compare it with the background on this site.
    - Some parts of the map will be almost never visable and some will be nearly always visable due to the forum itself. If you're intrested in making a map, make sure to contact me so I can give you the link to it. (I still want a complete map, but due to the forum, some parts of the map will be blanco and it still has to make sense with the blanco parts.
    - Make sure to make some sort of signature at the bottom of the map that isn't removeable with your (artist) name and something like "Designed for SkyQuest" as some people in the minecraft world like to take things without giving credit and this would discourage them to do so.

    Am I allowed to put my email and/or discord here so people can contact me regarding this?

    I don't know how exactly price and if people want money for their maps, but creating a sellfy page will both protect the seller and buyer. If you want to be payed, let me know how much and i would like to see previous work of you to so that I don't let you make a map for nothing.

    Kind regards

    You can contact me on:
    - My personal email:
    - Discord: ToastedCoconut#7957

    I've also added a picture of a spawn island of the server. There are more spawn islands containing dragons, small houses,...
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2017
    Posted By: ToastedCoconutAm I allowed to put my email and/or discord here so people can contact me regarding this?
    Sure, put whatever contact details you need.

    You'll also find some names/contact details here for people who have previously said they take on comissions:
    Alright, I'll edit the post, thank you very much :)
    I answered you on the Commission's Thread