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    First time user, first time poster here, and a quick search hasn't borne much fruit. So I'm trying to change the color scheme of a Fractal Terrains 3 world. Per the .pdf guide that came with the program, I click on the "World Coloring" button, and the "Color Scheme" tab. Here I see several different options. But no matter which I select, when I click 'Apply," my map refreshes, but retains the default color scheme with which the map had been initially created.
    What am I doing wrong? Surely, there's some way to get this feature to work.
    I have just addressed this in another thread in the forum.
    Is this the demo or current build (Version?)

    Just manually choose some colours.

    Click the colours in the field and it will allow you to create your own colour scheme. Look at the example in the following pic.
    • CommentAuthorjslayton
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2017
    That particular feature has an unfortunate feature: a single click on a color scheme on the list shows a preview of the color scheme. Clicking "Apply" at that point has no effect. To get the color scheme to apply, click on a color scheme name to show the preview, click the "Load" button to load the color scheme into the current color settings, then click the "Apply" button. A shortcut to this technique is to double-click on the color scheme name and then click the "Apply" button (the double-click has the same meaning as the single click followed by "Load").