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    (CC3+ w DD)
    I'm trying to create a custom smart symbol. Basically I took the "Window, Stained 8'" png, edited it to remove the window frame and tried to create a new symbol with it (a crystal wall).

    I've created the symbol just fine, but when I go to place it, instead of cutting the wall it cuts the floor (created with DD). Any way to trouble shoot this or ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2017
    Symbols have an option called "Control Points only cut on the same layer". Normally, this option should be checked, and then you must make sure the current layer when using the symbol is the WALLS one (Normally set by the symbol catalog setting that loads the catalog.)
    Thank you. I'll let you know if that does not solve it.

    Note, I did not see that info in the User Guide or TUM. Did I miss it?
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2017
    The option itself and the consequences is described on page 99 of the 3+ ToUM. It's just a short paragraph intended to help users connect the dots though.