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    CC3+ v 3.77 w/ DD & SS4.

    Started a new dungeon map yesterday. I've put in all the rooms fine. Now when I go to add corridors, CC won't work as expected.

    When I select the Default Corridor icon from the toolbar I get the Select Drawing Tool window (with the style set to SS4 Dungeons of Schley and filtered to Corridor, Default) Selecting one of the default corridors or one of the others (including one I made) results in what appears to a polygon room.

    I do not get the Add Corridor Dialog or options to set corridor width as shown on pg 136 of TUM. I've done the SS4 and TUM tutorials before, but now things are not behaving. I've tried exiting CC3+ and still get the same behavior.

    I notice that when I try a new map using a predefined template (one of the dungeon ones) I get the expected behavior. But, when I create a new map using my own settings and pick Dungeons of Schley, I get this incorrect behavior. I also noticed that with the DoS maps I do not get the Add Room dialog, it just goes straight into drawing a polygon.

    So it appears to be something with my DoS style or templates. Any ideas or suggestions etc?
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2017
    SS4 contains its own menu set, so that it can be used by users who don't own DD3 (And therefore don't have access to the various dungeon tools from DD3). As long as you own DD3, simply hit the Dungeon Designer Add-on button in the toolbar after starting your SS4 map, and the tools will work as usual.
    Thanks :)
    I should have knew it was PEBKAC!
    To follow up on this. I've noticed that when I'm in DD mode and open a different map and then come back (even when using the hotlinks created using a map with multiple floors) that the mode is no longer active.

    Is that expected behavior? It's not that big a deal to click the DD icon every time but is their something (else) I'm missing?
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017
    Most maps contain a macro that loads the appropriate menu set for this map. For SS4 maps, they load the ss4 menu by default. You can edit the map note called OnOpenMacro for the map in question, and change the line from LOADM to LOADM dungeon.mnu, this will cause it to load the dungeon menu set each time instead. Note that this is a per-map setting.
    Thank you Monsen. You are a font of knowledge :)

    If I get ambitious, I might just have to edit the macro for the SS4 template itself (since I probably will always prefer the DD behavior).