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    • CommentAuthorNacon4
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    Hi there. I was a poster a while back but had to leave for personal reasons. Is there an update for the basic Character Artist add on for CC3? My players are thinking about posters of their characters and I'd like to help them.

    Thanks in advance

    • CommentAuthorNacon4
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    Sorry about the adverts. My Grammarly seems determined to put them in. I will try to avoid it next time.

    There are no annuals that add to Character Artist yet. Right now, the drawing tools are your best friend when it comes to Character Artist. If you would like some help, I have used the program a lot for my game world. :-)
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    It would be nice to get new pieces for CA, either as an annual or a modular purchase.
    • CommentAuthorWyvern
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    Maybe if we keep dropping hints for long enough, some Annual add-ons will magically appear!

    One thing I find endlessly irritating with CA is its lack of modularity in detail. So, for instance, the only simple helmet comes with a nasal guard already fitted. What I'd prefer is either an option for such a helmet with and without the nasal, or just the simple helmet to which a separate nasal can be fitted. This would also allow other elaborations to the simple helmet to be added as well. Of course, there is an element of where do you stop in all this, but I can't help feeling that in some cases the equipment, and especially some of the clothing, starts a little too far along one or other route of development, so there isn't a simple base version that can be easily added to (particularly by someone with as few drawing skills as me...).
    • CommentAuthorJosh.P.
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2017
    Would love more variety with CA. Need some fat people and old people. Less heroic and more interesting npcs.
    The Old One,

    Nobody knows what her true name is. It is said, that she has been in the eastern foothills of Dver-Gamel long before the Gold Road was built by the Dwarves and the Abelardian City States were formed. Some say that she is a fallen immortal; while others say that she is witch. Either way, she shuns contact with others and is rarely seen, but she has never been reported as harming anyone. She is an unknown quantity and the King would like to know more.
      The Old One PF500.png
    Here is a portrait version.

    I added:
    1. Wrinkles along the forehead.
    2. Added lines from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.
    3. I slightly darkened the area below the eyes.
    4. Added curved lines below the eyes.
    5. Extended the cheek lines.
    6. Emphasized the chin some.
    7. Used white hair and eyebrows.
    8. Use a hairline style that is high on the forehead.
    9. Pronounced brow.
    10. Thin frame.
    11. Goblin arms.
    12. Goblin torso.
    13. Pale color.

    These are all subtle examples that you can use to age a character.

    For the age lines; I built a AgeLines Sheet and used the lightest grey with blur and transparency effects.

    The drawing tools are your friend. :-)
      The Old One Portrait.png
    As a side note, I have also used some techniques for this character that I learned in the first two weeks of school (For my Bachelor degree in Fine Arts: Communication Design).

    It uses the three aspects of Unity: Continuity, Repetition, and Proximity.

    Continuity: The character is in the classic S pose with the left arm and foot forward. The right foot is placed farther back, the right shoulder is below the left shoulder, and the bosom is in front of the right arm showing that the torso is slightly turned to the right. To keep the continuity, I placed the ponytails at the same angle as the shoulders creating Unity.

    Repetition: I used repeating patterns of gold/yellow to create Unity. The inner skirt, the lace, the bracelets, the clasp, and the hair decorations are all gold/yellow.

    Proximity: I used two sets of proximity to create Unity. The gold/yellow items are clumped into two areas of proximity with the bracelets, lace, and inner skirt within proximity of each other and then again with the hair decorations and the clasp in the upper region. This is also an example of Asymmetrical Balance, where the upper region is in balance with the lower half with two areas of repeating patterns and proximity.

    Technical stuff, but it is helping me to be a better artist. At least I hope. Lol! :-)