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    Okay, as a lot of you know, last March we moved out of a bug infested apartment in the 'big' state capital of Raleigh, NC to a house in a small town about 20 mins away ( yay for the house!! Can we say hard wood floors?!?). We had to throw away most of our furniture and belongings to make sure we didn't bring the bugs with us. The rest of our things, including my laptop, had to be stored long enough to insure they weren't bug infested. So I haven't been able to do much mapping lately.

    Well, my laptop was finally cleared, and I've been able to get back to the mapping (man, I've forgotten a lot!) and I've noticed something weird - my default symbol size has changed to 1.5. I definitely do NOT remember doing this voluntarily!!!

    Did this happen with the latest update? How do I change the default back down to 1.?
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2017
    Default symbol size is set individually in each map/template, and not as a global value. You can change the default for any given map from File -> Drawing properties.
    Note that for city and dungeon maps, the default for most templates is 1, but for overland maps, it is a factor of map size (basically map width divided by 1000)
    I never realized that. Thanks Remmy.