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    I was so impressed and inspired by the maps I have seen recently on the forum, I decided to spend the day playing with CC3+. I made this map with no campaign world or novel world in mind, but by the time I finished it, I had some ideas about a background story to accompany the map. That is why I love this program. It inspires creativity and fires the imagination.

    So here are the ideas that came to me while making the map.

    Two of the most powerful people in this region are Kashara, a full-blooded sun elf dragon priestess and her lover, Alestra, a half-drow name-magician assassin. Kashara and Alestra allied with the Crocodilians in the south to drive out the humans and orcs that were settling beside the elvish lands protected by the mountains in the east. The humans and orcs had violated the breeding grounds (islands south of Garneshian Swamp) of the Crocodilians and had disrupted their breeding cycles dooming them to extinction unless they were stopped. The elves were not in danger, but they didn't like having orcs and humans as neighbors. The orcs and humans were not allies and did not join forces when the elves and crocolians attacked them. Alestra used name-magic to enslave the orcs and compel them to serve her and Kashara. Humans were considered too weak to be good laborers so they were not enslaved. The orcs work in the mines and on the farms and the humans have been driven to the west and the south. It is rumored that Alestra is conducting a secret breeding program between orcs and humans, but this has not been confirmed.

    Kashara is not satisfied with the current situation because she believes the humans are in possession of lands containing sacred artifacts to her dragon religion. It is her goal to push the humans out of this region completely and take over the areas that are rumored to have the remains of the great lost dragon gods of the past. The Crocodilians also consider dragons divine and are seeking the recovery of these artifacts. Not all of the crocodilian holy men and women are happy about an elf worshipping their dragons and they certainly don't think she should get to keep any dragon artifacts she may discover.
    • CommentAuthorJensen
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2017
    I like the map with the story pretty much! I´ve nerver tried out this style, but now I think I will do. Thanks for sharing!
    Cool map, I like the contrasting colors of land and sea. And interesting story with nice plot hooks for roleplaying from different perspectives.

    By the way, what symbol set are the big rock spikes around Dragon's Fall from?
    I used the Dark Realms (120) for most of the map, but the light-colored spikes come from Scorching Sun (110) from the 2016 Annual. I have all the annuals but usually just map in Wielink, so yesterday I made quick maps in about five different annual styles and this one ended up being my favorite.
    Cool! :-)
    Here is my attempt to try out Mercator Revisited July 2017 Annual. I am posting two maps - one without political borders. I actually liked the look of this map more than I thought I would; however, I am not crazy about the version with text and borders. I want to show that the islands are a part of Tarona, but I think this looks better if you just trace the coastlines.
    Here is the one hiding the text and borders sheets.
    • CommentAuthorWyvern
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2017
    You might try using fewer symbols in the Mercator style; that may be what's causing part of the problem in the map with political boundaries and labels, because the boundaries and labels with the multitude of mountains, hills and trees look too cluttered to me. Mercator benefits from quite sparse symbol use overall, ideally with little or no overlap, but it can be quite a challenge to rein yourself back while mapping with this style, I know!
    I hate to admit this, but this IS the restrained me. Oh well, lucky for me this is a just-for-fun hobby, and I don't have to pay the bills by mapping.
    Fantastic stuff <3
    Very good work, WVFaeryWoman!

    Making maps for fun is fun! I love how creating the first map inspired your imagination. I often think of stories and events that transpire in the lands I'm mapping. It's therapeutic and fun!

    I also love how you're experimenting with different styles too, and don't restrain yourself - just have fun creating maps, and enjoy the adventure they take you on...