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    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2017 edited
    Hello everyone,

    I entered this months challenge over on the Cartographer's Guild. It is actually a two month challenge where you have to choose two different main challenges that the Guild has done before, and one lite challenge, then blend all of the elements of the three challenges together into a new map.

    So this is going to be my Work In Progress thread over on this site.

    This is my introduction:

    OI, You lot!

    Dass right! I iz talkin to youze!

    I iz Gizzit da Gobbo, an I wuz ordered by da great Khan of Black Mountain ter tell youze lot bout what da wurld is REALLY like, cuz Orcs knows better dan all bout whatz goin on in da wurld. Orcs iz everywhere an' we'z seen it all.

    Youze lot iz da lucky wuns cuz nermally we'z just eat humies, but da boss sayz yer'll make gud trading partnerz cuz yer ain't like normul humiez. E' sayz you'ze lot are not all pink an squishy like most humiez. E also sayz I haz ta guide youze thru our tradin rowts ta da uvver lands aroun' us. So ere iz where we's gunna start. Dis is...

    2 Regular Challenges

    1) February 09: Political
    2) October 09: Trading

    1 Light challenge

    1) Built on a word: the word is...Black
    Cool! :-)
    Thanks Charles :)

    Da boss wanz me ter tell yer about how da wurld began.

    Well, in da beginnin, da lights wuz out. Da great God of da Orcs wuz takin a nap!
      The World According to Orcs 01.PNG
    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2017 edited
    Den da Great God of da Orcs woke up b'cuz e wuz droolin everwere an it got in iz ere. E couldn't see so e pulled sum wax outta iz ere'z an lit it on fire an ung it up so e could see where e wuz. Datz were da sun came frum, see.

    ... What? Why iz you'ze askin me how e cud lite iz ere wax on fire wen it wuz wet, humie!?

    Ow! ugh! agh! Ok boss! I'll tell em'... I'll tell em'....Promise I will!

    Ok...were wuz I. Oh, right..

    Den e saw dat e 'ad drool'd everwere an decided ter go fer a swim. Well, da drool washed off all iz fleas inta da drool, an dey adaptered an became da fishez and da monster's in da sea, see!

    ...What? Why iz you'ze askin me ow da fleas cud breafe unner da water, Humie? lissen, I iz gittin sick o...

    ACK! Ow....But I iz gittin ungry boss, Can't I jus ave's wun o' iz legs?

    OW!...OOf! Ok...I'll tell em!

    After e swam fer a few million yearz, e got bored an decided e wannerd ter take a walk. E figured e'd go make fun of da God of da Stunties an da God of da Pointy Ere's an maybe give em' a right kikkin, so e lifted iz feet outa da drool an mud fell off iz iron bootz an formed da land we all livez on terday, see.
      The World According to Orcs.PNG
    • CommentAuthorJensen
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2017
    Ha! Great way of telling a story. Looking forward to see how this continues.
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2017
    Great stuff! I will definitely be following along on this.
    Thanks Jensen :)

    Thanks Shessar :)
    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2017 edited
    So da Great God of da Orcs, e ‘eads off ter find da God of da Pointy Ere’s. Da God of da pointy Ere’s says sumptin ta da Great God of da Orcs dat sounded all ‘igh an mighty, like "Ow dare youze drool all over da wurld like dat! We wuz building a paradise!" so da Great God of da Orcs decides ta teach im a lesson by smackin im in da Gob wif iz left fist! E wallops da God of da Pointy Ere’s so ‘ard iz lipz comez off an formed da land dat all da pointy ere’s nowadayz callz ome. Dat’s da land in da sowf eest, see. Itz wy deyz alwayz goin on bout ow da land speaks ta dem. An itz also wyz da pointy ere’s iz so ugly. Dey’z got no lips!

    …what? Why iz youze tellin me dat da pointy ere’s az lips but dey’z just thin, humie? Dey don’t look like dey’z got lips ter me! Iz youze sayin Im lyin to yer? Lissen youze! Yer really…

    Urk! Ow!...ok boss, ok. I won’t argue wif im. Iz you sure I can’t ave even one o is fingers? E’s got ten! E don’t needs dem all!

    Ugh! Agh! Can’t Breafe..CAN’T BREAFE BOSS!...aaahhhk.

    Ok…Ok..were wuz I?...

    Uhh, so da Great God of da Orcs, e turns roun after gobsmackin da God of da Pointy Ere’s an gets konked on da ead wif da ammer of da God of da Stunties. Da God of da Stunties Konked im so 'ard dat da Great God of da Orcs saw stars! Doze stars is still in da sky terday an dat's were da stars came frum, see.

    “Roight!, Dat’s It!” sayz da Great God of da Orcs, an e perceedz ter scrap in da mud wif da God of da Stunties. Dey’z scrappin fer yearz an yearz, flattnin out da land were dey waz rollin, makin da land bigger dan da first mud drops, see.
      The World According to Orcs2.PNG
    Really nice start. :-)