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    So I've gotten the most basic things down, but I'm failing to get the trace function to work properly on certain land masses when applying terrain. The large main continent works more or less properly but the smaller land masses cannot be selected while trying to trace the borders with the terrain tool. I've attached the file in question and if someone could point to me what I've done wrong/am missing I'd greatly appreciate it.
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2017 edited
    I noticed all your landmasses are grouped together in a multipoly, and unfortunately trace doesn't work too well with these (or any editing in general). I recommend you Explode the multipoly to make the landmasses into individual entities.
    Note that this has the downside of removing the possibility of having holes in the shapes, so lakes may disappear and need to be redrawn, but it makes the entities much more edit-friendly.

    When exporting from FT, I recommend NOT enabling the multipoly option. It is ok for a "finished" map that require the bare minimum of touchup, but not if you wish to do any more serious editing.