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    • CommentAuthorBarliman
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2017
    I really like this. The read makes me think the map is hanging in some sort of wooden frame.
    Thanks Barliman! :-)
    The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr

    The regions of Western Sutheimr:
    1. Qasiret Saxtalari (The Mines of Doom) Dwarven
    2. Kul Men Qabirler (The Island of Ashes and Tombs) Dwarven
    3. Drakondar (The Land of the Dragons) Dwarven
    4. Vingulmork (The Forest of Fools) Vagothian
    5. Muspellsheimr (The Realm of Muspell - The Fire Giants) Vagothian
    6. Smidrfjord (The Fjord of the Smiths) Vagothian
    7. Grendelkjarr (The Fen of Grendel - God of Trolls) Vagothian
    8. Gnaefa Mountains (The Towering Mountains) Vagothian
    9. Munara Angar (The Valley of Towers) Dwarven
    10. Bergriser (Stone Giants) Vagothian
    11. Allhardrland (A Most Dangerous Land) Vagothian
    12. Batiskakna (Stone Gate) Dwarven
    13. Marrforad (The Sea of Monsters) Vagothian
    14. Perinusa (Isle of the Fairies) Elvin
    15. Skjaldborg Elyands (The Shield Wall Islands) Vagothian
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Hex - PF1024.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - PF1024.png
    Continuing with a great set of maps here, Charles.

    I think the border and cartouches are particularly effective now you've nailed them. Well done! I follow with interest.

    Thanks Dungeon Master Gaz! :-)
    The above map of Western Sutheimr is based off of the less detailed world map. I am thinking about making a second version of this map using the detailed version that I originally made when I was trying to go from the "bottom" up instead of "top" down in world design. When I first started, I just did not appreciate how much it bogs the computer down when it comes to large highly detailed maps. I was also not confident in my ability to do a "top" down approach. Thanks to the help from everyone here, I believe that I now have the skills to do this. It started top down, but I thing that all the maps will be modified over and over as I develop them. The large regional maps like the ones above are such an example. They will be done originally based off of the world map, but will in all likelihood be modified once the small detail maps are done. There will also be various styles. There will be a Mike Schley style (with other bits thrown in) that will unify the whole world and there will be "local" styles that reflect the individual cultures (Especially for player maps). I may change my mind later though - LoL! - there is a whole lot of experimenting going on as part of this process. :-)

    Below is the detailed map in the Mike Schley style (Although some of it will be modified). Note: The Valley of Qasiret Saxtalari and the Skjaldborg Eylands are not finished in the detailed map.

    I will do the same thing with the Niflheimr/Thrace detailed map which is also below.
      The Lands of Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Template - PF900.png
      Niflheimr - Detailed Template - PF1024.png
    I added the six coastal Kingdoms of the Vagoth:
    1. Vagoth (Homeland of Vagothians)
    2. Vangar
    3. Hardrada
    4. Ingvaeon
    5. Halogaland
    6. Ranrike
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - PF10242.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Hex - PF10242.png
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2017
    Thanks JimP. :-)

    I am not sure about the mountains though. I am going to take another stab at them. :-)
    Here is an updated WIP for Western Sutheimr.

    I am partially done with the new mountain style.
    I adjusted scale for mountains, foothills, regular hills, and trees.
    I closed in the spacing on the mountains as well.
    For Muspellsheimr, used the cave symbol for the source of each of the lava flows (Fire Giants!) :-)
    I dropped the symbol for the city of Smidrfjord and just left the name in place. The mountain background obscured the symbol too much.
    I also added the bay that Smidrfjord is located at.
    I added an inner glow for the text.

    The areas with the upgraded mountains are on the right side of the map.
    1. Gnaela
    2. Smidrfjord
    3. Halogaland
    4. Muspellsheimr
    5. Vingulmork
    6. Ranrike
    7. Qasiret Saxtalari
    8. Kul Men Qadirler
    9. Drakondar
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Mountains WIP - PF950.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Gnaefa - PF1024.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Smidrfjord - PF1024.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Halogaland - PF1024.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Muspellsheimr - PF600.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Vingulmork - PF600.png
    Part Two
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Qasiret Saxtalari - PF600.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Kul Men Qabirler - PF1024.png
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Drakondar - PF-1024.png
    Here is an update of the work that I am doing on the mountains. It is not complete yet, but it is getting there. :-)

    You can take a closer look here:
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - Test - PF1000.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2017
    The maps look great Charles. Very nice work!
    Thanks HadrianVI!

    For me, it is always a process. I have an idea, I make a few maps, figure out what I do not like, and then start experimenting. Lol! :-)
    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2017
    It's looking great Charles!
    Thanks Tonnichiwa! :-)
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2017
    More amazing maps Charles! I'm really in love with how you colorized this B&W style. Beautiful, beautiful work!
    Thanks Shessar! :-)
    I finished with updating the map.

    I love this a lot more that the initial attempt.

    The lakes still bother me. I am going to have to figure out something else out for them.

    I added a regional name to the top right, Snaerhaedi (The Snow Hills).

    This is a wonderful style and easy to work with. :-)
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - PF1000.png
    I have updated the rivers on this one.
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - PF10002.png
    • CommentAuthorrobotrock
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2017
    That looks really good. I like the lakes better now as well.
    Thanks robotrock! :-)
    Small Fix
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Western Sutheimr - PF10003.png
    Just a quick note: I am going back and updating the regional maps for Central and Eastern Suthmeir before moving to the other maps in this series.

    I love your colored b/w maps. They are beautiful.
    Thank you very much WVFaeryWoman! :-)

    Here is a WIP for Central Sutheimr.
      The Lands of the Vagoth - Central Sutheimr - PF1024.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2017
    I love these new maps, they look amazing. Great work, Charles!
    Thanks HadrianVI! :-)
    It has been awhile since I posted on here. I have not done an update to this thread in awhile but hope to do one over this weekend. I started my Communication in Design degree program two weeks ago and it has been taking up most of my time. It has been a long time since I took any art classes and it shows - LoL! I have not taken an art class since Junior High and I am 47 now. But, I am having a lot of fun. I am better than I thought I would be and I am doing great in my classes, but I have a long way to go. If you want to follow along, you can see my school projects at I made a specific folder for Communication Design in my gallery. I post everything so you can see the changes as I get better (At least I hope I get better - LoL!). Feel free to make comments, give suggestions, and have a laugh or two. I will keep working on my maps, but they will be less frequent.

    Thanks everyone!
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2017