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    I have been going back and touching up some of my Character Artists designs. Here is the old version and the new version of The Witch of Gerana.
    1. The top of the dress did not fit correctly so I added a cape to the character with a golden clasp.
    2. The dress had a odd 'hook' to is on the characters right shoulder where it did not match up right with the arm piece and I had to fix that.
    3. The right sleeve did not match up properly with the arm (hard to see at 600 pixels) and I had to extend the sleeve to the right.
    4. The hair did not match right and left a blank space around the neck and it needed more volume and depth; I added hair pieces to the background and to the foreground.
      The Witch of Gerana PF600.png
      Priestess Series - Druid - PF800.png
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2017
    I actually prefer the clothes on the first - much sexier. :D
    The more open top does convey that, but it just was not matching up well, especially on the shoulders. It just bugged me - LoL! :-)
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2017
    Yes, I see that now. Damn it, sexier should win over accuracy! LOL
    I forgot to make another of the needed changes. the shadow underneath the jaw was not right giving it an almost double chin look, or like the head was not as for down on the neck as it needed to be. I fixed it.
      Priestess Series - Druid - PF800b.png
    Character Artist is just like Campaign Cartographer; you can quickly create a functional and decent looking piece, but it really shines when you go back and do the detail work. :-)
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2017
    And you are the forum expert. I wish I could do half as well.
    Thanks Quenten! :-)