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    • CommentAuthorMstrCat
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2017
    On a city map, I created a hotspot to take me to the floor plan of an inn. The hotspot works fine, however on the city map, the building is rotated 45 degrees or so, and I wanted to rotate the hotspot square to surround the building. So far I have tried rotate (rotates link text around the hotspot) and dynamic edit (could never grab a vertex to move it).

    On a related note, I tried hiding the hotspot text, but that hides the hotspot as well. Is there a way to move the text (useful information but not something I want to see on my map unless I need it) to a different level than the hotspot graphic?

    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2017
    No to both questions.

    What most people do is to draw a separate normal polygon to indicate the hotspot location, and just hide the hotspot itself. This polygon doesn't need to be the exact shape of the hotspot (usually it is ok that the actual hotspot is a a bit larger, so it encompassess the entire are of that polygon, or even use multiple hotspots to cover a weirdly-shaped area). The advantage of this is that the polygon can be rotated or drawn in any shape you want regardless of the limits of the actual hotspots.

    Also note that hotspot hiding is a global and not per map setting, so never assume that the actual hotspot will be visible in a map. (It is off by default each time you start CC3).