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    I am having a problem with the sheets and my hex grid map. What I'm trying to do is have one sheet with the land SYMBOLS on it. So far so good. Then I want another sheet to overlay named Political Control. So, for example, with Political Control off, it shows, say 5 hexes of Famland. But with Political Control on it shows 5 hexes coloured Red.

    But when I add another sheet the new colouring still defaults to the Land layer and replaces what I've got there, even when I specifically double check I'm adding to the Political sheet it still changes the Land rather the new sheet.

    Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? Or am I trying to do something not possible with this particular type of map?

    Thanks in advance.
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2017 edited
    Hex symbols have some behavior that makes this slightly trickier. There are two things you need to be aware of

    - First, symbols choose their own sheet by default, to make it easier to place them on the proper sheet. This happens with all symbols, not just HEX ones. Normal symbols usually go to SYMBOLS by default (although some symbols are set up to go to other sheets depending on their purpose). The hex symbols from the standard CC3 Overland Hex style have their hex symbols always go to SYMBOLS HEX. To avoid this, you can either click the options button above the symbol catalog and turn off the option to have symbols choose their own sheet, OR you can make a sheet called SYMBOLS HEX POLITICAL. The latter approach utilizes the fact that CC3 looks at the beginning of the sheet name, so you can have multiple sheets with that name, and if one of those is active, it will use that instead of the plain SYMBOLS HEX. Note that I pulled the sheet names from the CC3 overland Hx style, other hex styles may use different sheet names.

    - Secondly, hex symbols always delete other hex symbols in the same space. To avoid this, you need to hide the sheet with the hexes you wish to keep while working on the other layer. For lots of other symbols, the solution would be to turn off smart symbols, but I don't think you want this with hexes, because they need to be smart to work properly as hex symbols.
    I've used your suggestion of renaming the sheet Symbols Hex Political. This is giving me what I wanted the map to do. Thank you! :-)