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    Hi guys...

    As of late I haven't been active on the forums...Been very busy with general life stuff...Also - my mother has just recently passed away and I am going through a bit of a transition both emotionally and pragmatically. I was her primary at home care giver for a very long time and now I am reorganizing my life a bit...

    Still working on my projects here and there as time permits.

    Just wanted everybody to know that I haven't pulled an Amelia Aerhart on everybody and dropped off of radar permanently - it's just that if there are pauses in my activity on the forum - it just means that I'm catching up on life stuff, LOL.

    Love - Billybob...
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    Oh Billy!

    I am so so sorry to hear your sad news :(

    Please accept my condolences.

    I do hope that you will continue to be involved with the forum. I think it helps to carry on doing things.
    My condolences as well. I know how hard it is losing parents. I wish you and your family the best.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    Please let me add my deepest condolences and best wishes to those already offered by others. I'm sorry about your mom. Do you what you have to do and we'll be here when you return.
    • CommentAuthorLorelei
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    Sympathies to you and your family for your loss.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    I am sorry to hear that Bill. My deepest condolences.

    Thanks for checking in. While you have more important things than us to deal with, it is always good to hear from people and know they are still around.
    Thank you my friends, being without her - it's a little bit like being in an alien world with one less critical frame of reference to evaluate reality - it was the same when I lost my Dad. The world got really strange and unrecognizable to me.

    Anyway - I'm ok, and I'm negotiating the rocks on this path as well as can be expected. Things won't ever be the same - but I'm not the only one that's ever had to take this fork in the road before either. Deep cuts leave scars - but nonetheless they heal. I'll be fine in time.

    I will not be a stranger - and as I said - I am still working on various things here and there when mood and time permits. I'm just pacing myself right now.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    Bill, I don't know you very well, but accept my deepest sympathies for what must have been a shocking loss. I do hope that we on the forum can help in the healing process. <3
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    My condolences Sir.
    • CommentAuthorBarliman
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    My condolences. I went through that a few years ago. Never an easy time.
    • CommentAuthorJay_NOLA
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    Sorry to hear about the sad news. I went through that with my dad back n 2014 and my mom a few years earlier. I hope things get better for you and my deepest condolences.