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    I seem to be having issues with using the "Find Rivers" tool in Fractal Terrains 3 v3.0.20. Either I am not understanding this feature correctly, or I am experiencing some kind of bug. When launching the find rivers tool, I can chose my "River Definition Resolution" and seemingly generate the actual river vector find; however, I cannot get them to display using the "Show River Overlays" command. I can see them using the "Keep River Image Overlay" feature as an actual image overlay, but this is problematic because when zooming in to any real depth the rivers become unusably pixelated.

    1. Am I understanding this feature correctly?
    2. Is this a known issue?
    3. Is there a workaround?
    4. Is this scheduled to be fixed?
    5. When is this scheduled to be fixed?

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

    Nash Spence
    • CommentAuthornashspence
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2017 edited
    I have noticed that if I use a fresh map that the "Find Rivers" seems to work as expected. There must be some issue with my map. For now I'll be trying to identify what that is.
    • CommentAuthorjslayton
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2017
    The problem that you describe is an intermittent one that crops up after certain editing actions across the world seam leave an excessively high editing value. This high value prevents the vector river finding system from generating rivers, even though the image overlay can show what appear to be useful rivers. I thought that this problem had been fixed in version 3.0.20, but it seems that you have found a case where it still happens. If I can get your map, I should be able to fix the problem.

    There isn't a known workaround for this problem and I don't know when this is scheduled to be in an update for FT.