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    I'm new to CC3+ so I'm having some trouble. I built this in Fractal Terrain 3, exported it into Campaign Cartographer and then changed the fill to match the Mike Schley style. But now I'm experiencing rampant crashes, weird tearing of the image like you see, and I have absolutely no idea how to crop it down so as to get rid of the stuff not in the map border. Any help is much appreciated.

      screen cap.PNG
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2017
    Probably nodes close together and/or at a very sharp angle. Monsen or Dogtag would probably help you more here.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2017
    As Quenten says, the wild lines are caused by nodes being very close togehter at a sharp angle, combine with the width of the line. This sometimes happen when you apply a style to a very detailed FT export, since it uses lots of nodes. You can try simply reducing the number of nodes in the landmass with the Remove Nodes command (right click the fractalize button to find it), or by manually using Delete Node on a couple of nodes in the affected area (at the origin of the line, along the coast).

    To get rid of the area outside the map border, I recommend using the Break command to drop the part of the landmass outside the border, then using path to poly (right click explode) to turn the line back into a polygon. This will result in a triangular sea at the top right corner, but you can just use Insert node to insert a node on the long straight line that result, and place that line in the corner.
    Another option that saves you from these edits is to just use the trace functionality of the landmass drawing tool to just draw a new landmass on top of the old one, and using trace to follow the coastline exactly, then delete the old landmass when done.