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    • CommentAuthorNafoi
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2017
    Hello everyone,
    I've been keeping an eye on CC for a while but I still don't own it.
    I now need something to create random dungeons starting from handmade square geomorphs (something like dave's mapper), with the ability to decide which geomorph are used in the random creation and the ability to swap some geomorphs with others manually chosen.

    I first thought of adding my tiles in a local fork of dave's mapper and then just add my special tiles with an image editing program but if CC + DD can do something similar it might be the right occasion to finally buy it!

    I searched on the forum but I'm not quite sure if the random dungeon function of CC works this way or if there are other functions I could use to do this.
    I will also need to import my custom made geomorphs but that seems possible (but I don't know if it's an easy process or not).

    So is CC what I'm looking for?
    Thank you!
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2017 edited
    It depends.

    CC3+ is not a tile-based mapper. However, it does support setting up snap grids , and it is easy to import image files for use as symbols, so manually mapping with pre-defined geomorph tiles are simple, even if you would waste most of CC3's potential if that was all you did.

    As for the random dungeon feature, while you can make custom symbols for it, it is not based on mapping with geomorphs. It will take a set of symbols in specific shapes, and use these to draw a random network of corridors/rooms. I don't think there is any way you can generate a random geomorph dungeon automatically in CC3+. While the random dungeon feature can be nice, CC3+ isn't really designed for random generation of maps.