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    I've recently started using CC3+ again and I was wondering if there was a way to enable the program to use more of my computer's ressources.
    I have a 4770K processor (quadcore with hyperthreading), 16Gb of RAM and a GTX 1060 but CC3+ doesn't seem to take full advantage of my hardware while every time I move the map or zoom in or out it loads for a moment. I have already set the process priority to real time.
    Changing display speed settings or disabling sheet effects doesn't seem to have any effect and I haven't seen higher CPU usage than 25% while scrolling. It's a new map so it's not hitting the 32 bit RAM cap either. I don't have a program for GPU usage installed at the moment but I highly doubt that CC3+ overburdens a medium class graphics card of the current generation.
    If there's nothing I can do about it then I guess I'll have to live with that but if anyone can tell me how I can make it use my CPU more/better or speed up moving/zooming around on the map I'd greatly appreciate that. I tend to put a lot of time into my maps so just not having to wait like 2 seconds every time I scroll or zoom would probably be a real timesaver.
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Most of CC3+'s processing is not parallelized, which means that demanding tasks will only be able to use a single core. So, for a quad-core processor, 25% cpu usage is basically 100% usage of a single core.
    CC3+ is also a 32-bit program, meaning it cannot address more than 4GB of ram (on a 64-bit OS, on a 32-bit it is even more limited).
    CC3+ does not utilize any graphics card processing power, so your graphics card doesn't factor into this. All that is required of your graphics card is enough memory to display the screen image (which is about 8MB for a full-HD display)

    Now, what really slows down CC3(+) is the use of effects. CC3+ is vastly superior to CC3 in this regard, but depending on the number of effects and effects used, this will slow down CC3+ too. So I recommend starting working with effects off, that should make those zoom/scroll operations nearly instantaneous.
    The other thing to watch out for is large raster images. If you include images in your drawing that are not official PF symbols (these are designed to be quck), that can also slow down your maps. (The 4 community symbol sets linked from the forum should also handle this properly, but other images from the net will not)
    Ok I guess I was being a little dumb :D
    The png of the map I'm tracing slows the program down a lot. I guess I'll try to finish that asap and whenever I do something that doesn't require the basemap I'll hide it.
    Do you happen to know if there is an image format that doesn't hit CC3+ as hard?
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Posted By: Twinkie449Do you happen to know if there is an image format that doesn't hit CC3+ as hard?
    Image formats doesn't really matter, because everything needs to be converted to the appropriate internal representation anyway. But you could try with a lower resolution version of the file if possible.