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    • CommentAuthorpool7
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2017 edited
    So, I'm doing some test installs, and just finished installing CC3, add-ons and all annuals supported by it (2007-2015).
    When I go to Tools > Add Ons menu, I see a long list, but Annual Volume 8 and Volume 9 (2014 and 2015) are missing.

    Is this normal?
    I tried installing CC3 Update 11, but issue remains.
    I also tried running CC3 Menu Config, same thing.

    Also, for CC3, should I install CC3 then addons then annuals then Update 11?
    Or should I install CC3, then addons, then Update 11, then annuals?

    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017
    They should be there, I have them listed in my CC3 install at least.

    Install order shouldn't matter, just make sure to do the Update last.

    Also, for all CC3 installers, make sure to always right click and run as admin, this also applies when trying to run cc3menuconfig.exe.
    • CommentAuthorpool7
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2017
    Just realized I typed twice the same about install order; fixed in first post.

    I will try one more time to install Update 11; if that fails I'll try cc3menuconfig one more time; else I'll reinstall :(