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    Good morning.

    I picked up CC3+ with DD3 and CD3 last autumn and have been playing around with it here and there. After buying it I immediately installed all the free community map packs from the Vintyri project. As I'm playing around I find that all the extra mapping styles and symbols get in my way and confuse me; too much of a good thing if you will.

    So I know how to hide a toolbar but is there anyway to temporarily remove the mapping styles, comment out a few lines in an .ini file or something? Just want to clean things up a bit until I'm more comfortable with the basic product.

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy gaming!
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017
    CC3+ picks up the various styles based on files present in the data folder, there are not a central registration for a style.

    Most parts of a style is related to it's templates however, so by temporarily removing the various templates from the Templates directory in your CC3+ data directory (c:\programdata\Cc3Plus by default), these styles won't show up in the new map wizard. As long as you remove these, and hide the custom toolbars from Vintyri, you shouldn't see much, if anything, to all these extra styles.
    Thank you, Monsen!