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    Quenten, my world was first created way back in Junior High School. I am 47 now. :-)

    Some of the characters are reposts of earlier work while there are several new pieces as well. Out of the characters posted so far on this thread, twenty eight of them are new. In addition, this is a remake of a very old game world that I have been constantly adding to over the years. As such, almost all of the names, cultures, mythos, and legends have already been developed. I am adding some new things though. :-)
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2017
    Sounds like my world of Al'Ayn which I started developing at age 12. I even finished a book about it. I must mao it properly in CC3+ (a basic map exicts in CC3), and put it up on the pages - also gives me the opportunity to practice with Character Artist, like you do. I just am so fascinated by your world.
    Thanks Quenten! I can hardly wait to see your old world! :-)
    These are the sub-regions of the Pindus:
    1. Agriavouna
    2. Brountzos
    3. Sidero
    4. Chrysafenios
    5. Asimi
    6. Iroikos
    7. Lindos
    8. Ialys
    9. Kamir

    The Agriavouna region is inhabited by the Satyrs.

    The regions of Brountzos, Sidero, Chrysafenios, Asimi, and Iroikos are inhabited by the Dorian's (Mankind). Brountzos and Sidero make up the realm of Dymanes. Chrysafenios and Asimi make up the realm of Pamphyli. Iroikos make up the realm of Hylleis.

    Lindos, Ialys, and Kamir make up the Gnomish islands of the Telchine.
      The World of Kelleemah - Pindus - PF850.png
      A Dorian Sailor PF600.png
      Telchine Mercenary PF600.png
    Updated world map of Kelleemah
      The World of Kelleemah - Dorian - PF600.png
    These are the sub-regions of Dankana:
    1. Idea
    2. Alekto
    3. Tilphousia
    4. Megaera
    5. Mycenae
    6. Tiryns

    Idea is the region dominated by the Mountain of Idea and the Dactylian Gnomes that live there.

    Alekto, Tilphousia, and Megaera are the lands of the Harpies and are named after their Primordial Goddesses of Vengeance and Strife. They are said to be the daughters of Nyx. The Harpies were the allies of the Gnomes during the Faith Wars and fought against the Olympian Gods.

    Mycenae and Tiryns are Cyclopean islands who are allies of the Harpies and the Telchine Gnomes. They sometimes serve as mercenaries for the Telchine known as Lycus.
      The World of Kelleemah - Harpy - PF950.png
      Idean Alchemist PF600.png
      The Harpies of Dankana PF600.png
    Updated world map of Kelleemah
      The World of Kelleemah - Dankana - PF600.png
    These are the sub-regions of Kentauros:
    1. Talivadia
    2. Mavros
    3. Agrios
    4. Tavros
    5. Arkadia
    6. Kerastai
    7. Pheres

    Talivadia, Arkadia, Kerastai and Pheres are the lands of the various races of the Centaurs.
    Kerastai and Pheres used to consist of scrublands, but the expansion of the Dudael (Desert) has shrunk those lands. As such, scholars now list them as being of both Kentauros and Dudael.

    Mavros is the land of the Orcs.

    Agrios and Tavros are the lands of the Minotaur.

    The Centaurs of Talivadia and the Half Orcs of Mavros are reposts. The Centaurs of Arkadia, Kerastai, and Pheres along with the Minotaurs of Tavros and Agrios are new. That brings the total for new characters up to 33. ;-)
      The World of Kelleemah - Centaurs - PF700.png
      Kentauros - Talivadia - PF600.png
      Kentauros - Arkadia - PF800.png
      Kentauros - Kerastai - PF600.png
      Kentauros - Pheres - PF600.png
      Minotaur - Tavros - PF600.png
      Minotaur - Agrios - PF600.png
      The Half-Orcs of Mavros PF600.png
    These are the lands of the Thamud:
    1. Mada'in Hegra
    2. Dergeh
    3. The Port of Amelak
    4. Athlab
    5. Cemebas
    6. Herdisan
    7. Himyar
    8. The Slave Markets of Hadram
    9. BIra
    10. Xweh
    11. Herixwes
    12. The Port of Selevan
    13. Zemi
    14. Avebela
    15. Berged

    These lands are split into independent Sultanates. All of them belong to the people known as the Thamud. Like the Dwarves, they build their cities within the desert mountains. These lands are enclosed by the Mountains of Agriavouna to the north and west and the Athlab Mountains to the east. This valley is known as Al-Hijr, the rocky place; for many large stones, some as big as a house, litter this valley. Local legends say that the giants once held tournaments here when the world of Kelleemah was still young. Indeed, some say the original tunnels below the mountains were dug by the giants of old. The valley empties out into the lands of the Talivadia and Arkadia.

    Many Dwarves travel to see the cities of the Thamud and settle here. One such Dwarf migrated from the lands of Morland and over many years had built up a strong band of Dwarven mercenaries. Like her, they had all once been the slaves of the Sabine. Some, were even sold here, in the famed slave markets of Hadram. She did not use her own name, but was called by the Thamudian nickname, Lady Herdisan - the Lady of the Caverns. While exploring ancient tunnels below one of the mountains, she and her band discovered a treasure trove from the age of the Giants. With this treasure in hand, she submitted for the right to build a Dwarven city within the valley and was granted such. Now she rules the city named after her, Herdisan, the City of Caverns. She is no longer Lady Herdisan, but Sultana Herdisan - from Slave to Thamudian Queen.

    Herdisan is a new character bringing the tally to 34. :-)
      The World of Kelleemah - Thamud - PF450.png
      The World of Kelleemah - Northern Al-Hijr - PF600.png
      The World of Kelleemah - Southern Al-Hijr - PF600.png
      Thamudian Priestess 600.png
      Sultana Herdisan - PF600.png
    The largest region in Kelleemah is the great desert of Dudael. It used to encompass the central area of this region, but with the mysterious loss of three main rivers that flowed from the central Zagros mountain range, the desert has gradually expanded. No one knows what caused these rivers to dry up, but it devastated the whole entire region. It devastated the Lehabim, but also had a great impact on the Hyskos, Aleatash, Kerastai, and Pheres sub-regions as well. Other regions were affected to a lesser degree but he inhabitants were easily able to adapt. These were the Mahkum, Ravi Naagon, and Ardhimbaya.

    These are the sub-regions of Dudael:
    1. Aleatash
    2. Ardhimbaya
    3. Hyskos
    4. Kerastai
    5. Lehabim
    6. Mahkum
    7. Pheres
    8. Ravi Naagon

    Aleatash is far to the south and the people have a thriving trade culture between the Centaurs of Kerastai, the Janan Kingdom of Panchala, and the Kushite tribes of the northwestern Kush which are dominated with hills, scrubland, and savannah. The Aleatash are also chief suppliers of slaves to both the Jana and the Thamud. Some say that the Aleatash have even purchased slaves from the Gnolls of Ardhimbaya and their Flind overlords.

    Ardhimbaya are a range of hills along the southeastern borders of the Dudael and the Kushite lands to its south. This is the land of the Gnolls and their Flind Overlords who serve as mercenaries and slavers.

    The Hyskos lives in the eastern desert and hills. They trade and raid the Badar to their east and the Kush to their south. They also act as guides for those who wish to traverse the southern desert of Dudael.

    Kherastai and Pheres are Centaur realms and share their lands with the Ketauros region.

    The Lehabim were devastated by drought and their cities and settlements fell to ruin and were mostly abandoned. Their civilization dots the landscape of Dudael. Pyramids, Necropolisis, Cities, Temple Complexes and more are choked with sand and dust. The fel minions of evil has moved into these lands and what few survivors that still call these lands home must scrape and fight for everything that they have.

    Mahkum was once a Thamudian city that acted as a part of the trade route into the lands of the Lebahim and eventually to the lands of the Badar in the east. It is overran now with all manner of evil beings and is ruled by the Afreet known as Rabbalnnar.

    To make the desert even more dangerous, the Ravi Naagon (the Sun Serpents) also dwell in this region. They have taken up residents in many of the ruins. In addition, the Troglodai dwell within the caverns beneath the earth, the legendary city of Shisr and its ghouls is said to have been consumed by the sands, the Shedim fortress of Golgothus disappears each morning and reappears each dusk in a different location, the evil Grigori of Mount Hermon is located in the western Zagros mountain range, the Cult of Set have fled the lands of the Badar and now dwell within the Lehabim ruins, and some say that the Zagros has become the dwelling place of the "Never Living God".

    To top everything off; the followers of the Grigori known as Azazel seeks to bring about the end of the world.

    This is the land of the sands, thirst, and bones!
      The World of Kelleemah - Dudael - PF600.png
      Rabblnnar the Djinn PF600.png
      Lehabim - PF600.png
      Hyskos - PF600.png
      Ravi Naagon - PF600.png
      Shisr PF600.png
      The Dread Cavalry of Golgothus PF600.png
      Flin2 - PF600.png
      Gnolls2 - PF600.png
      Aleatash - PF600.png
    World Map

    I still have the templates to do for the following regions:
    1. Badari
    2. Kush
    3. East Makara
    4. West Makara
    5. The Shattered Isles
    6. Pulauranah
    7. Sutheimr
    8. Mehteh

    Here is a close up of the World Map:
      Kelleemah World Map - World Map - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2017
    Your CA drwings are just awesome. You have made such rapid progress on Kelleemah, it is amazing. I just love your world and all the histories, geographies, mythologies and theologies. What such an imagination you have.
    Thanks Quenten!

    I made a mistake on the map. The file had became corrupted and I had to restore an earlier version. I forgot to change the desert to scrubland along the eastern edge of the Athlab Mountains and I forgot to add the desolated lands south of the City of Talivadia (Very small).

    Large version:

    It is funny, the rendered maps look so much better than they do on CC3+ and the printed version looks even better than the rendered versions. It really came out nice. :-)
      Kelleemah - World Map - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2017 edited
    Looks like this is coming along nicely. Great work so far.
    Thanks Monsen! I would not have not gotten here if it was not for your mentorship - I greatly appreciate it! :-)
    These are the sub-regions of the Badari:
    1. Aethiopia
    2. Alssahra Aleulya
    3. Alynabie
    4. Ard Alqasb
    5. Wokou

    Ard Alqasb and Aynabie were the lands controlled by the god Osiris while Alssahra Aleulya was controlled by his brother, Set. During the Faith Wars, a bitter civil war was fought between the brothers. Set had the advantage in numbers for he not only had the Badari that served him, but promised the Aethians to the south that they would be able to rule their own lands, hired Hyskos mercenaries, allowed in Lehabim refugees who fought for him in return for land, and paid the Wokou Pirates to harass the the coasts. In the end, Osiris was killed and all of these lands fell to Set; the god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners.

    But the Priest's of Set betrayed the Lehabim and enslaved them; they treated the Aethians with disdain and taxed them heavily, and even oppressed their own people. May of Set's allies among the gods abandoned him. During the time of the Chess Wars, a new god was born and hidden within the region of Ard Alqasb, He was but a baby and had only a few followers. As a lesser god, he was constantly hunted by the Priesthood of Set. A loyal cult of followers constantly moved him from one safe haven to another and an elite bodyguard of the most faithful and mighty was created to protect him. As the god child grew, so did his army.

    Upon his 13th birthday, the god child known as Horus and his army was ready. Many of the Badari were eager to revolt against Set's priesthood, a secret alliance with the Aeithians was formed, and weapons were smuggled to the Lehabim slaves. Thanks to the Grigori, the greater gods were no longer allowed to directly wage war within Kelleemah. The Priests of Set found themselves facing enemies from every quarter. In the end, most of the Priests of Set were slaughtered and what few remained fled to the many ruins of Dudael. Horus declared himself the Pharaoh of the lower river and it's delta, known as Servet. The rest of the lands were divided among the people and ruled by the Nomarchs. Most of the lands went to the Badari, but some were given to the Lehabim as well. In addition, self rule of the lands of the Aethians were formally acknowledged. But in return, all of the people of these lands were required to only worship the Badarian Pantheon.

    The Wokou pirates stayed out of the Chess Wars and were pirates and opportunistic raiders. The Wokou consists of various peoples to include, the Namun, Wazi, Yangshow, Badari, Lehabim, Hyskos, and the Kush.

    *The total for new characters is now up to 42.
      Kelleemah World Map - Badari - PF700.png
      Badari - The Priests of Set - PF600.png
      Badari - Aethian Archer - PF600.png
      Badari - Young Horus - PF600.png
      Badari - The Guardians of Horus - PF1024.png
      Wokou Pirate PF600.png
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2017
    This just keeps getting better and better
    Thanks Quenten! :-)
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2017
    When you publish the pdf of your world, its going to be thicker than a bible!

    I'm going to have to order a couple of reams of paper and extra printer ink for this one ;)

    Beautiful work, Charles :)
    Thanks Loopysue! :-)
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    Don't know if you know anything about this, Charles, but there's a new Guild Member who's decided to use your world to base her own on.

    It seems she hasn't asked your permission, but just assumed it will be ok for her to do this - which IMHO is outstandingly rude to start with!

    There's a full resolution copy of your image on her Minecraft thread (linked to from her comments on your thread over at the Guild), and although she's given you credit and linked to your Guild thread, I get the impression that she never asked you if she could do that either.

    I know I'd be really peeped off if someone simply decided to take a full res image of Merelan City for themselves to remake and alter in their own way, and then just tell me it was being done, like I had no control over it at all.
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017 edited
    I got this:D
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2017
    BTW, Charles, I stongly advice you not to approve the use of your map to the person who already infringed your copyright, because the person does and already has not only use your map but also grants reproduction, redistribution ans several other rights on your map to a third party.

    If you need any further advice or want the map removed from the third party forum, please let me know.
    Thanks Loopysue and HadrianVI but I had made my decision prior to seeing your last post. Below was my decision and clarification on how I handle my work which was posted on the Cartographers Guild thread.


    Thank you very much. I am glad that you like my world design and that it has inspired you. All of my work is open for personal use. It is available for redistribution and/or modification though in only two forms without express permission: 1) Users on Pinterest may “Pin” my work from my Pinterest site for their Pinterest pages (After all, sharing is the purpose of the website), and 2) Users of Deviant Art may “Favorite” and/or add it to their specific Deviant Art collection folders from my Deviant Art profile.

    Under all other conditions, anyone interested in the redistribution (Such as posting my work to another website beyond the two listed above) or modification (Such as making a Minecraft version or using it to inspire such work) must attain my express permission prior to doing so. The decision to do so is on a case-by-case bases and I can decline the request for any reason (or even no reason).
    My work is not available for commercial use. Those interested in such must contact me at The decision to do so is on a case-by-case bases and I can decline the request for any reason (or even no reason).

    I post my work on the following websites:
    1. ProFantasy Software:
    2. Cartographers Guild:
    3. Deviant Art:
    4. Pinterest:

    If I give permission for redistribution and/or modification or for commercial use, please acknowledge my work using the information given within the quotes below:

    “by Charles W. Robinson”

    I ask that any links to specific work to be from the Deviant Art website. This website shows all of the work that I have done and does not have any work-in-progress pieces (WIP). It only has finished work. In addition, the downloadable work on this site is full size (High resolution work).

    Understand that the way that I handle my work only applies to my work. Do not automatically assume that anyone else’s work on this forum on any other platform is the same. I am truly flattered when people like my work, want to “Pin” it, “Favorite” it, or use it. But, I expect every person who wants to use my work to hold themselves to a professional set of standards that transcends the law (i.e. Best practices). Anyone that wants to use my work must show respect, understanding, and professionalism to both me and the platform communities that I post on.

    Since the request was not submitted prior to using it on your website and since “best practices” were not adhered to in regard to two community members that posted their concerns on this thread; I have decided to deny the redistribution and/or modification of my work (Kelleemah Map) for your Minecraft project.


    Charles W. Robinson
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    I hope the culprit takes notice. The cheek of some people
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    You and Hadrian were brilliant, Charles :D

    When I first saw what she was up to and thought of her taking all your lovely world and twisting it all out of shape like your years of work meant nothing, my blood nearly boiled! I wasn't capable of saying anything in public that was fit for public consumption, so I'm afraid I copped out rather badly and only made a stiff little quote about the rules of the Minecraft forum.

    The two of you, however...


    I'm so proud of you both :D
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    I have added something to her posts. I am appalled at the gall of this b.... And I decided NOT to mince words. If they chuck me off the Guild, well it would be like punishing the wrong person. Personally I think she should be chucked off the Guild, as she freely admits she is using other people's work since she can't map - her words. I think all mappers in the Guild and in this forum should show solidarity for Charles, If this happened here, I am sure Ralf and Monsen would take action against the perpetrator
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    I think the reason the mods didn't say anything, Quenten, was because Hadrian and Charles had already dealt with it in such an admirably professional fashion. I don't think Robbie intervenes unless its apparent that people don't know how to defend themselves in a proper fashion and need a bit of help.

    I know that Robbie was there last night. I saw his name on the members list for quite a while, so I know he would have dived in if things went from bad to worse, as he's defended me in the past. The man has an innate sense of good timing and a balanced mind when it comes to things like that. He doesn't just wade in unless its an absolute emergency.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    I am just concerned that all that woman is going to do is remove all reference to Charles and still use his work. Seems like she is mining other people's work to amend and use on her website without any regard to seeking permission. Her comments make her attitude plain. The only way to stop this is to block her from the site. I would hope if it happened here, the culprit would be blocked. It makes me a little concerned about sharing any of my work in public, and I certainly won't on the guild. Anyway, enough of my rave - I'll say no more about it.
    It seems to been resolved. The person went from a strait copy of part of the map to concept based off of my work that is quite different. I am satisfied. ;-)

    Clear response, polite, respectful, and the a little bit of patience - Professionalism. :-)
    Lilith, the Tortuous Serpent

    Lilith is a Goddess of Death. Although she is considered a Shedim, she and her kind only came to this world during the 3rd Shedim War and instead of joining the Shedim, she joined Samyaza who fought against them. She went her separate ways during the Faith Wars but became one of the goddesses that were worshipped by the monstrous kin of this world. Her followers are strong and have carved out their own realms during the time of the Chess Wars. It is speculated that the Grigori came from the same world as Lelith, for they knew of Lelith and her children.

    "Her gates are the portals of death, and from the entrance of the abode she sets out for Sheol.
    None of those who go to her will ever return, and find again the paths of life."

    Lelith has three daughters, demi-gods begat by the first murderer of mankind, a man known only as Cain. They are Agrat, the Mistress of the Dark Arts; Eisheth, the Eater of Souls; and Na'amah, the Plagues of Mankind. Agrat has worshippers among the hags, the matriarchs of the Goblin tribes, necromancers, Kegalapan Elves, and various cultists (Especially as one of the mystery cults within the lands of the Sali). Eisheth stayed with the Grigori and became the consort of Sathariel. She now leads the Sheireil as Sathariel's general. According to legends, Na'amah is said to be the mother of many of the monstrous kin in this world and that they are her plagues against mankind. Some say, that she has joined the followers of Azazel to help bring an end to this world.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Lilith - The Tortuous Serpent - PF600.png
      Agrat - Mistress of the Dark Arts - 600.png
      Eisheth - The Eaters of Souls - PF600.png
      Naamah - The Plagues of Mankind - PF600.png
      The Sheireil - PF800.png
    The Journey

    One of the things that I just love about this project is the opportunity to update my old word. When I first created Kelleemah, I was still using the old school D&D rules. The one where the Deities & Demi-Gods book got TSR in trouble because of copyright laws. It had gods from several book series like Conan’s Crom. I sure wished I had kept that book all these years – LoL! As I said before, this is the fourth iteration of this world. With each “rebirth”, I add new things to it. That is what I did above.

    When I first started playing, there were no gods for the monsters, the Nine Hells were not described, and almost none of what is canon today was even thought of yet. Those were the wonderful days of pure imagination. In this environment, enters Lilith, the legendary mother of monsters. The blood drinking goddess of the night!

    Now, with the fourth version of my world, I added Agrat the Mistress of the Dark Arts, Eisheth the Eater of Souls, and Na’amah the Plagues of Mankind. This was a fun journey and I thought that I would share it with you.

    Agrat is described as being in charge of all evil sorceresses. I extended this to the “Dark Arts” to include both men and women. Eisheth is described as ruling the demonic centaurs and all four were described has being the Grigori’s wives. I kept the tie to the demonic centaurs and kept Eisheth as the Grigori’s only consort. Na’amah is said to have worked with Lilith to give birth to the terrible creatures that inhabited the world. But, although all four were listed together as equals, I found a piece that described Lilith as being the other three’s mother or grandmother. As such I made Lilith the mother and the other three her children.

    Exploring mythology is always fun since there are often conflicting accounts of events and characters. Lilith and Na’amah are said to have begotten demonic children by consorting with Adam during a 130 year banishment from the Garden of Eden. But, I found an alternate account saying that it was actually Na’amah with Cain after being expelled from Eden. That sounded a lot better for the feel that I wanted. I then found an account that they were the consorts of Azazel instead. As such, I had Na'amah join with his followers to lead the evil quest to destroy the world.

    With an extensive timeline and mythologies already in place, it was easy to insert the new characters into the history of Kelleemah. Even the creative writing describing Lilith is a combination of two sources along with a few word changes. Below are the two sources that I drew from:

    Her house sinks down to death,
    And her course leads to the shades.
    All who go to her cannot return
    And find again the paths of life.
    — Proverbs 2:18–19

    Her gates are gates of death, and from the entrance of the house
    She sets out towards Sheol.
    None of those who enter there will ever return,
    And all who possess her will descend to the Pit.
    — 4Q184

    And here is my new version again:

    "Her gates are the portals of death, and from the entrance of the abode she sets out for Sheol.
    None of those who go to her will ever return, and find again the paths of life."

    I love researching and drawing from mythology. I love having a world that is not “canon”. I love the whole creative process. If you have a world that you have not dusted off in a long time, exhume it from its literary crypt and send it forth to feast on unsuspecting player characters once more!

    (Insert Evil Laugh Here) Bwaaa, ha, haaaa!
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2017 edited
    This whole thing is just soo cooool, Charles. We are very privileged to have witnessed your voyage through the history, with all your beautiful maps and characters.

    Thank you so much for sharing it all with us :D

    And... what will you do next? Another review of Kelleemah, or something completely different?

    I'm going to miss Kelleemah if the answer to that is something completely different, but at the same time I would look forward to the something completely different just as much as our regular updates on Kelleemah :D
    Thanks Loopysue! :-)

    I am just getting started on Kelleemah - so, it will be around for a long time I'm afraid - so you will just have to put up with it - LoL! :-)

    I will be going back-and-forth though with the community atlas project as well. :-)
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2017
    How do you pronounce Kelleemah? I am putting the emphasis on the second syllable - is this right? (or is this how you pronounce it)?
    • CommentAuthorCalibre
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2017
    I've seen much of your work on Kelleemah since my arrival on these forums. Just awesome design.

    I'm wondering: is this a campaign world you're running or something for publication?

    Just excellent detail.


    Kel - Lee - Ma (Second Syllable)


    This started as the 4rth iteration of my game world that I started way back in the early 1980's. My game maps have gone from a single page map on line paper, to a multiple page hand drawn map, a map made using Excel of all things with the pages duck taped together (Dragon Skin - LoL!) during my deployments (26 years in the military), and now I updating it again using ProFantasy's awesome software packages. I was doing it just for fun and I am transferring all my notes from the years of development into PDF format. I started with basic D&D and played through 4th Edition, but now I just use OSRIC (I don't have to worry about the rules changing all the time). Many of my friends that I have here at home really like it and said that I should publish in on when I am done since it will already be in PDF format anyway. So that is something that I am seriously thinking about. :-)
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2017
    I think you should publish it, Charles. If anyone should get any financial reward for all this glorious detail, it should be you, and not some other person at some point in the future ;)
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2017
    +1 Loopysue. :)
    Thanks Loopysue and JMunsonII!
    I just could not help myself, the free downloads was just too much of a temptation - LoL!

    I went and made a old school hex map of Niflheimr, one of my lands of mystery.

    It was done just for fun. :-)

    If you look at the world map, you will see it as small speck in the top left corner of the map.

    According to Vagothian legend, it is the dwelling place of the Goddess Hel and the realm of the dead!

    The hex's are set up for 10 miles.

    If you would like, you can go here to get my full size version of the map for free.

    Thanks everyone! ;-)
      Kelleemah - Nifleheimr - Hex - PF1024.png
    This is the region known as Makara. It is further subdivided into Western Makara and Eastern Makara. It is bordered on the north by the realms of the centaurs and in the east by the Kush. The Shattered Isles also leys to the Southeast. The people who live within these regions are known as the Jana and are divided into 16 realms:
    1. Matsya
    2. Avanti
    3. Chedi
    4. Vatsa
    5. Assaka
    6. Surasena
    7. Kamboja
    8. Gandahara
    9. Kuru
    10. Panchala
    11. Kosala
    12. Magadha
    13. Vajji
    14. Malla
    15. Kashi
    16. Anga

    These regions also have three of the Naga Realms
    1. Panna Naagon
    2. Raat Naagon
    3. Nadee Naagon

    There are several other large realms within these regions as well.
    1. The Pirates of Nitriae
    2. The Orcs of Mavros
    3. The Lost Isle of Pulauranah
    4. The Birdmen of Syene
      Kelleemah World Map - Makara - PF800.png
      Kelleemah World Map - Western Makara - PF700.png
      Kelleemah World Map - Eastern Makara - PF700.png
      Janan Royal House Guard PF600.png
      The Panna Naagon PF600.png
      Raat Naagon - PF600.png
      Nadee Naagon - PF700.png
      A Nitriae Pirate PF600.png
      The Half-Orcs of Mavros PF600.png
      The Kalahroh PF600.png
      The Syene PF600.png
    Besides the world of Kelleemah, I will eventually be doing maps for my campaigns. I had twenty one in all that were centered around the God Swords from the Cursed Gods Pantheon that I posted earlier. Those projects will be centered more around towns, villages, ruins, castles, caverns, dungeons, and such. Each one of course has it's "Arch Villain". So far, I have only done a CA3+ project for one of those. I am now working on the next one, so I thought I would repost the one that I did before.

    As the Vagothian King watched on. The Seer peered upon the bones before her and her voice changed. It was strained and angry.

    "I remember the war; the first in the old world! When Gullveig was studded with spears and in the hall of the High One; she was burned, thrice burned, thrice reborn, often, many times, and yet she still lived on! Gullveig of the Vanir, the witch who saw many things, who enchanted wands, divined what she could, and in a trance practiced seidr! All feared her; for whenever she happened upon dwellings, she brought delight to evil! Lorcan’s blade, known as the Odr Brandr, the raging blade; the Brjotamein, to give pain; and the Kalladaudr, to cry out death; has awaken! For Gullveig and her brides have returned!"

    It was too much for the seer, she cried out and slumped upon the floor, eyes staring and unblinking.

    Hilmr Haldordr knew fear, for the legend of Gullveig was well known. How was he to stop a Goddess that all of Asgard could not destroy, and what if she finds Lorcan's lost sword first, for it had not been seen since the Dwarven Hero, Kanansi, departed with it on his quest to the north over 400 years ago. What if Gullveig already wields the god sword of chaos, fire, and vengeance!
      The Goddess Gullveig PF600.png
    The work that has gone into this... just incredible <3 I really admire everything you have done, amazing work!
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017
    I often envy your ability to hold a whole world in your head like this. If only I could - and in such detail!

    Beautiful work once again, Charles :D
    Thanks pixelkitteh and Loppysue! :-)
    • CommentAuthorpvernon
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017
    Charles, The blue multi armed Naga looks to me to be missing an arm on the shield side. Is that right or is the other arm behind the others?

    She has four arms, two are holding the spear, one holds a net, and one holds a small shield.
    • CommentAuthorpvernon
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017
    Ah, I'm blind!