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    Lol!!!!! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: I updated the region known as the Sudri-Hanarr. It is also know as the Fang. The people who live along the western side of the mountains are the Ogham. The Dwarves known as the Sudri-Hanarr live within the mountains and are fighting a civil war against the Dheurtrug, evil dwarves that have succumbed to the worship of Litvargr (The Dwarven God of Vengeance & Murder). Three Halfling realms run along the eastern side of the mountains.

    1. Oghma (Has already been posted above).
    2. Sudri-Hanarr Dwarves
    3. Dheurtrug Dwarves
    4. The Halfling Realms
      The World of Kelleemah - Sudri-Hanarr - PF600.png
      Sudri Hanarr Rebel PF600.png
      Dheurtrug Priest PF600.png
      The Halflings of Kelleemah - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2017
    Great - as per usual. What a high standard you are setting for yourself (and others)
    Thanks Quenten!

    I don't expect anyone to try and portray every culture in their world. Lol! :-)

    I am just doing that for myself.

    In addition, Character Artist can be hard to work with, there are a lot of bugs that you have to work around. It is one of the reasons that I have gotten a lot better with using the drawing tools. I have had to do repair work on some of these after using CA to make the basic character. Even then, I keep finding things that I need to fix on these. That said, there is so much that you can do with CA and it is a lot more flexible than I first thought. I would absolutely jump for joy if they came out with an annual focused on CA. Especially, if they brought in some more humanoid options and more culturally specific dress. Classic fantasy dress was a no brainer for the basic set, but expansions will hopefully give us some additional options... culture wise. Hopefully, posts like these that highlight how good the product is will encourage others to purchase it.

    As you can tell, even with it's quirks, I love working with it! :-)
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2017
    I would like a sitting pose, and even a reclining pose, and faces turned half right or half left - even stuff just for a facial portrait. And also Greek and Roman togas etc
    Action poses would be great. :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: Detailed the to large island continents located in the northwestern ocean. The one to the north is called Brython and is the home to Vagothian colonies in the north, Cyclops in the central lands, and Ogham/Tinefain Elves in the south. The southern Island and extended island chain is known as Hiberia and is the home of the Black Minotaurs.

    1. Vagoth - already depicted above.
    2. Cyclops - the mortal enemies of the Gnomes.
    3. Ogham - already depicted above.
    4. Tinefain Elves - Lords of both Elves and Ogham in southern Brython.
    5. Minotaurs - Fierce raiders and pirates.
      The World of Kelleemah - Brython - PF600.png
      The Cyclops of Brython - PF600.png
      Tinefain Berserker PF600.png
      The Black Minotaurs of Hiberia PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: Just made some updates to the steppe region redoing the hills and adding some cold swamps and forests.
      The World of Kelleemah - Steppe 3 - PF600.png
    • CommentAuthorkathorus
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2017
    That is some fantastic work.
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2017
    This map looks nicer and nicer each time you update.

    I really like your character portraits. I too would like to see some extensions for CA.:)

    I noticed that one of the newer characters was holding a musket, whereas most of the other characters use more primitive weapons. Although I do see the appeal of having gun powder in a fantasy setting, I would like to point to a consideration: Having gunpowder would mean that the gun wielding halflings are technological wise centuries ahead of any other civilization in your world. This in itself is not an issue because even in the real world some cultures have been far more advanced than others. I would, however, like to point out, that, especially in the case of gun powder, new military technologies spread rather fast, if there was some sort of cultural interaction. If new military technology is somehow available that gives a major advantage over the enemy, then other cultures would want to use it as well. Because of this, I think gun powder poses a thread to fantasy settings. The invention of gun powder would mark the begin of a transition era, that would sooner or later lead to the end of medieval warfare. Even if your world is at the beginning of this period, since so far only one culture uses gun powder, this new technology could change everything in a matter of centuries. Although I like the possibility of dynamic political or cultural changes within a fantasy world, I do not like the idea of future changes that could extinct the setting of the fantasy world itself. Having said that, I would prefer halflings with crossbows or composite bows.

    But other than that, the character Portraits are really great.
    Thanks kathorus and HadrianVI! :-)

    I have had early firearms in the game world since the 80s and have had no issues. They are extremely rare artifacts, extremely expensive to buy, and difficult to use. In addition, artificers that understand these weapons are just as rare and expensive to hire. The Halflings do not manufacture these. If you check out one of my older posts for the CA3+ characters or the posting on Deviant Art, you will see a description for that particular group of Halflings. They are famous merchant men that have aquired oddities from throughout​ Kelleemah. Chances are, the weapon may not even work anymore... Lol! :-)
    • CommentAuthorjslayton
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2017
    As a minor aside, when gunpowder starts to become available for weaponry as opposed to available for longevity potions and flash powder, there would likely be a quick rise in very low level, easy to learn water burst (less than a liter) and fire burst (just a foot or so across, no real damage) spells and toys. Early firearms tended to be less effective than slings and bows in term of range and accuracy, so a quick counter to them would balance things out nicely. It was the scaling up to cannons that caused the real problems.
    The World of Kelleemah update: I finished off the lands of the Tanahair Elves. They only live in one part of their lands. They used to have a much larger empire and were the largest and most powerful of the Elven clans, but the sinking of the lands of Tasman (what is now known as the Shattered Isles) devastated the fey of Kelleemah. As such, the elves have allowed others to immigrate to their fertile lands and in return, they collect taxes and levy military forces as needed. Directly to their west are the lands of the Sali. They are famed for the knightly order of the Mereka Mati (Those to Die). In the wild lands between the Sali and the Dwarf Holds of the Sidri-Hanaar, are the three Hafling Shires, north are the borderlands that act as a buffer between the various barbarian tribes and the lands of the Tanahair Elves. The Elves have let various barbarian tribes (the Limitanei) to settle in the borderlands just like the Sali before them and like the Sali, they are becoming a strong military force. To the Tanahair's east, are the plains of the Aginperak Elves. These elves had to flee their island realm during the last Shedim war and settled here as refugees. They are superb light cavalry. Although the Tanahair hold supreme lordship over all of these lands, each of these lands are self ruled. These are some of the most fertile lands within Kelleemah and Feudal system of the Sali and Limitanei works well for the managing of these farming communities.

    1. Tanahair
    2. Aginperak
    3. Sali
    4. Hafling Shires (already depicted above)
    5. Limitanei
      The World of Kelleemah - Farmland - PF600.png
      Tanahair Warrior PF600.png
      Anginperak Fighter PF600.png
      The Holy Order of Mereka Mati PF600.png
      Limitanei - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2017
    You will need to compile all your notes (previous and these ones) into a pdf for us all. This is an outstanding world, and you have inspired me to add character portraits illustrating the various cultures in my world of Myirandios (when I have finished my self-set tasks for the world of Nibirum).
    Thanks Quenten! It is my eventual goal to produce a full PDF for this world. :-)
    Within the realm of the Tanahair Elves is the Tower of the Hvitalfr, the White Fey. This order is also known as the White Council and now controls all of the Elven clans. Some say, that they will replace the lost gods of the Elves one day.
    Satukuno, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Ancient One, and the Head of our Order.

    Towards the end of the Faith Wars, Satukuno, a great wizard of Perituhan decided to gather all of the white elves together to form the Council of the Hvitalfr, which became known as the White Council. We are very old, so old that our hair has turned white, and our skin has begun to wrinkle. We have lived far longer than we should have; for Elves live about a 1,000 years. Unlike the other races of Kelleemah, our gods were not dragged here with us. Some believe that we have been chosen to be the new gods of the Elves. Satukuno is the oldest I think, but I am not sure. At the time, we did not know how many of us there were. Satukuno used magic to find and summon us to his tower in Perituhan; a very powerful magic that could reach the far corners of Kelleemah. A magic I am afraid, that may have come with a price. Although we do not consider ourselves gods in any way, shape, or form; some of our people have begun praying to us. I can feel them, like whispers in another room. In all, there are thirteen of us. We are very powerful, but we are not all good. We represent all of our clans and we are not without faults. I for one, do not wish to become a god, for I have met my share. The council is important though and Satukuno is a wise and good leader.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Satukuno - The Ancient One - PF600.png
    Dewikuda, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Shining Queen, and the Bearer of Bersinar.

    Dewikuda is a lifelong friend of Satukuno. She is also the Great Grandmother of Wayland Kebaikan. Dewikuda commands the famed unicorn cavalry of Perituhan; an all-female regiment. Her skills as a rider and a warrior is legendary. The Royal Regiment has benefited greatly from her leadership and training. She is also the bearer of the ancient spear of Bersinar, a mighty artifact handed down through the generations from Pertama, the very first Wayland of the Elves. It was her idea to use magic to find and summon the White Elves. She had envisioned a grand hall full of our people’s finest heroes. Let’s just say, that it did not work out exactly the way she imagined.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Dewikuda - The Shining Queen - PF600.png
    Panyair, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Dreamer, and the Legend Keeper.

    Panyair is the husband of Gadis. They are the only married couple within the White Council. They had met during the 3rd Shedim War while tending to the survivors of the disaster that created the Shattered Isles. They were married there, among the greatest loss of lives that anyone had ever seen. The races of the fey may never fully recover. Panyair helped with everyday tasks in the survivor camps of Benteng Pulau and played tunes to help sooth their spirits. He is a gifted musician and song writer and he has captured much of our history and legends in his songs. But, it was his songs of life and love that brought hope to many in those dark times.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Panyair - The Dreamer - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2017 edited
    Charles, is there supposed to be a portrait here?
    Hi Quenten,

    I had an internet outage. :-)
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2017 edited
    Very nice. I like the limitanei, respectively the rome reference.
    Gadis, Council of the Hvitalfr, the White Maiden, and Lady Sorrow.

    Gadis is the spouse of Panyair. She is a healer and a magician. She met Panyair in the survivor camps of Benteng Pulau where she tended to the injured. Although her specialty was in healing magic, she used her medical training more, for there were far too many patients for her to use magic on. Each spell exacted a toll on her and she could only memorize so many spells at a time. Even then, finding the spell components took more precious effort and time than she had in the all of the chaos. She kept the healing magic for the worst of cases, but even then it often came down to numbers. A spell may save a young elf's life with the most grievous of injuries, or she could save four others who were not as bad off, but would only survive if she used her magic. I can only imagine the hard decisions that were forced upon her. I am glad that she has Panyair to sooth her troubled spirit.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Gadis - The White Maiden - PF600.png
    Thanks HadrianVI! :-)
    Belukar & Taman, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Sisters of the Grove, and the High Druids of Tinefain.

    Belukar & Taman are the High Druids of Tinefain. Normally, this position is held by a single person. But, Belukar & Taman are identical twins. They are the same in almost every way. There are but two differences between them, where they part their hair, and the magic that they use. Belukar uses the powers of the day while Taman uses the powers of the earth. All Tinefain Druids are noble born and as such, are full blooded Elves. Elvin twins do all things together out of tradition; this is why both get to serve as the High Druids of the Tinefain. There is not much to really say about the twins, for they are very formal in their ways and speech. The Druids hold a special place among the Tinefain that commands respect. It was an attitude that filled the room like a fine fragrance that was overpowering.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Belukar and Taman - The Sisters of the Grove - PF600.png
    Kemarahan, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Rager, and the Scourge of the Vigaferli.

    Kemerahan is one of the Huldafolk, the Hidden People. These elves live in the far north in the lands of Sutheimr and in the northern Beorgumende. Kemerahan hales from the hidden kingdom of Vatndalr - Valley of the Lakes; which is located north of the Grendelkjarr in Sutheimr. Kemerahan had lost his family to a raid by the Vigaferli a very long time ago; before the coming of mankind. He left his people and dwelt with the Tuniit in the wilds of the north. The Tuniit are one of the old-ones that were here before the coming of the Fey to Kelleemah and appear to be related to mankind. Along with the Tuniit, he waged war on the Vigaferli; hunting and ambushing them. The Tuniit were a good people, but not long after the coming of man, a plague took most of them. They retreated to the barren northlands except in central Sutheimr where some dwell to this day. With the plague and the migrations northward, his kin completely lost contact with Kemarahan. None of his people believed that he was still alive until he arrived at Satukuno’s tower. He has lived with the primitive Tuniit for longer than he has lived with his own kin, he is no longer Elvish in the minds of some. He can only speak a few Elvin words and sits quietly when not engaged. He always seems to have a scowl on his face and sometimes mutters in the language of the Tuniit. Kemarahan has lost his way and has become wild. He is still full of anger and only finds joy in battle. He is what is known among the Vagoth as a Berserker, what we call, a Rager.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans
      Kemarahan - The Rager - PF600.png
    Pemburu, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Hunter, and the Deliverer of Vengeance.

    Pemburu is from Dataran Kuda and is friends with both Satukuno and Dewikuda. He has been hunting the vilest of creatures since the end of the Second Shedim War when the Fey were drawn into the lands of Kelleemah. He and his followers seek out and destroys evil beings of all types, but has a particular hatred of the Shedim. Many of the Shedim were left behind during each of the demonic wars and are hidden throughout Kelleemah. Some of these have even attracted huge followings of cultists to do their bidding. Pemburu and his hunters are driven to find and destroy these cults of evil; at any cost.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Pemburu - The Hunter - PF600.png
    Wisatawan, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Wanderer, and Spy Master.

    Wisatawan is from the island nation of Perinusa. He is an adventurer and a sell sword that has travelled the world. He now works on the behalf of the White Council. He has setup a ring of spies and observers throughout Kelleemah that keeps a constant watch on all that goes on and sends regular reports to the White Council. His network is everywhere, from the wilds, the realms of evil, to the slums, and even among society’s elite. There are few things that happen in Kelleemah that does not eventually reach the ears of Wisatawan.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Wisatawan - The Wanderer - PF600.png
    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.

    What to say about myself? I always avoid writing about me; part of it is the self-doubt and the other is the secrets that I keep. How do I describe what I do and who I am? I used to earn money as a finder of things which could be objects, people, secrets, and even knowledge. I have travelled the world and have seen many strange and evil things. At some point, I started searching these things out, not for others, but for myself; for I had begun to care. I had been avoiding my fate, for I had feared it. I still fear it, but I have accepted it. I started the orphanages. They exist throughout Kelleemah and I check in on them as I can. I never use my real name, but use the title of Father. I cannot save every child, but when I find one that is special, I bring the child to one of my orphanages. I arrange for the financial support of each of these orphanages and the training of the children. Unlike most children, they get to choose what they want to do in their lives and get the best training that can be provided. The Grigori has even named me as the Patron Saint of Orphans. I am the only one of the Elvin kind to receive such an honorific from the Grigori.

    I do not live among my kindred, I never had. I do not know who my parents are, my first memories are of slavery. I was rescued as a young teen when a pirate ship attacked us near the entrance to the Sea of Caves and I finished growing up among the Free Peoples. As such, I am still learning about my people. The Elvin people do not know what to think of me. Some see me as a beacon of hope, others fear me. They wonder about the children I have chosen and why I chose them. These children are chosen from among all the races and are of either sex. They have grown up to be both good and evil, both famous and unknown, and so they do not understand my reasons. They never will I am afraid, for the ripples of fate are sometimes immediate, and at other times, farther down the path of generations. Even now that I have accepted my fate, I am not sure of the future. Will I be the hero or the villain? Maybe, I am both? The Book of the Crow Ravings and its prophecies only hints at the future. The visions show only a little more.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      The Father - The Lord of Destiny - PF600.png
    Legion, Council of the Hvitalfr, the King of Fools, and the Prince of Knaves.

    I have been friends with Legion for longer than most beings in this world have been alive. I count him as a friend, even if I am disappointed in his behavior from time to time. Most of Elvin kind look down on him for he has little in the way of dignity. He is a fool and foul mouthed. He is a drunkard and a womanizer. He is a practitioner of illusion and is an exceptional thief. But, I have never seen him kill anyone unless he was defending himself or another. He is a humble being and helps many who are in need. He is a vagabond for sure, but we served together in the Third Shedim War and I can tell you, he is cautious, but he is no coward. I have never seen the true Legion though. I do not know why, but he always cloaks himself in illusion and like me, has never revealed his true name. Satukuno could not even peer through his veil. You could tell that Legion felt very awkward during our first meeting in Satukuno’s tower, but Legion sure did appreciate his rare wine collection.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Legion - The King of Fools - PF600.png
    Tuahitam, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Mistress of Despair & Madness, and a Dragon Knight of the Mad Queen.

    Lady Tuahitam caused quite a stir when she arrived, of course it could have something to do with landing a fire breathing dragon in the courtyard. Satukuno and Dewikuda should have known, but did not take into consideration, that one of the White Elves could also be one of the Kegelapan; as ancient and powerful as any of us. She sauntered into the study where we were meeting and stopped, letting us take a good look at her as she swept the room with her gaze. She then whirled around, placing her helmet and weapons in the corner and out of the way. You could see that she liked commanding our attention. She walked up to Satukuno as he sat behind his desk, and placed both hands on the desk leaning toward him with a big smile of pointed teeth and then said “Thanks for the invitation. It has been awhile since I have been to a party.” She laughed and found herself a nice fluffy chair. As it turned out, for an evil being, she was quite charming.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Tuahitam - The Mistress of Despair and Madness - PF600.png
    Yangsatu, Council of the Hvitalfr, Sedang Sekarat, and Kematian.

    The last to arrive was the Kematian, an Elvin undead. They had recently risen from the waters of Sheol in the Shattered Isles. Indeed, it was the day after Satukuno had cast his spell to summon the White Elves together. Needless to say, it was even more disturbing than Tuahitam’s arrival with the dragon. Especially since the dragon whimpered and flew away as she walked by. It quickly grew cold and the fire under the mantel was snuffed out as she entered the room. She said nothing and just stood there. Tuahitam was the first to approach her, confident in her own power. “So, what do we call you? Lady Goul?” asked Tuahitam is a sarcastic tone. The Kematian replied in old Elvish “Yangsatu”. Tuahitam new the old tongue well, we all did. She replied “The one, the one what? The one of the cold deep water?” Tuahitam seemed pleased with herself as she stared at the Kematian. Yangsatu leaned forward and whispered slowly to Tuahitam. You could see the frost forming on the dark skinned cheeks as she blinked and her smile faded. She stumbled back a few steps, her courage gone. Satukuno asked “What did the Kematian say?” I do not know if it was fear or the cold, but with an unsteady voice, Tuahitam replied “She said Yangsatu, Sedang Sekarat.” The mood was dark indeed, for it translates to… I am the one at death’s door.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Yangsatu - Sedang Sekarat - PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: I have updated the Pirate Havens (Islands located at the entrance to the Kraken's Den), Creta (Isle of the healers), and Eden (Home of the Grigori).
      The World of Kelleemah - Eden - PF600.png
    The Pirate Havens have many settlements such as The Tyrant's Hold. Below is one such place:

    This Sabinian Gladiator is Maestro Morte. He was one of their most famous gladiators and eventually won his freedom. He opened his own school of fighting arts and trained some of the best gladiators, bodyguards, and mercenaries. His followers grew to such an amount that he left Sabine with his followers and established a large fighting school on one of the islands within the Pirate Havens and even trained his own army of mercenaries. As such, he provides both training services and mercenaries for anyone who can afford his price. Although Sabine is famous for its gladiators, it is not the only one to use them. Many countries have their own version of gladiators & pit fighters even if it is illegal.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Gladiator PF600.png
    The Creta,

    The Creta are Dactyles; Gnomes that live within the earth and that are associated with the elements of fire. They are dark of skin and red of hair. Normally, they have little to do with the surface world, but the Gnomes of Creta are different.

    The Gnomes of Creta used to live underground like their brethren. But, they were present at the final battle of the Faith Wars. These series of wars had been going on for over 700 years as the gods, weak from being cut off from the other worlds, fought among themselves for their very survival. They were one of the greatest tribes of Rodia and served Tartarus, the god of the deepest part of the underworld, and Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow. They battled the Olympians and their mortal followers.

    By order of Ramiel, the Lord Arch Angel of the Grigori; the Grigori were to stay neutral in the wars. Ramiel and the other Arch Angels took little interest in the affairs of Kelleemah, and had only left their island of Eden to fight in the Shedim Wars. But, six of their brethren finally disobeyed. They are recorded as the Arch Angels: Danel, God has Judged; Kokabiel, Star of God; Shamsiel, Sun of God; Tamiel, Perfection of God; Zaqiel, Purity of God; and Sariel, Wisdom of God.

    They took their legions of Nephalim, half-angels, and travelled to the fields of battle. They were fearsome to behold. Both sides stopped their fighting and sent envoys to ascertain the Grigori’s intentions. The envoys were slain upon their arrival and the Nephalim marched to war. The Arch Angels of the Grigori are more powerful than any so called gods of Kelleemah and they drove the gods from the battlefield and slaughtered their mortal followers. The Arch Angel Danel set forth an ultimatum to the gods, a set of rules for all to abide by. The consequences for ignoring these were obvious and the Faith Wars ended.

    With the end of the Faith Wars at hand, Ramiel withheld his judgement of the six Arch Angels; but sent Ananel, Rain of God; Asahel, Made of God; and Batarel, Valley of God to the fields of battle to heal the wounded of both sides. The Gnomes of Creta come from those that were healed that day. Most of their leaders had been slain, but one rose among them. The Dactyli was known as Demonax. He had already earned respect for his great Wisdom and was chosen by his people to be their new leader.

    This experience had changed the Dactyles that were present that day, especially Demonax. For not only was Demonax healed of his grisly wounds, but he was freed from his connection to the void of Chaos. As such, he set his people upon a new path and sent them forth into the world. They had become healers instead of destroyers. They searched for the secrets of the healing arts while helping all that they came across. They did this for ten long years while Demonax negotiated with the Grigori.

    Ten years to the day, the survivors of that horrific battle and their families met once again. But this time, they met on the small island of Creta which was located off the coast of Eden. Demonax had secured the right for his people to live there and in return, they would provide their services as healers. For this service, they asked no price, for it is repentance for their old ways. The Gnomes of Creta live a monastic life and regardless of one’s race, religion, or philosophy, the Gnomes of Creta serves all who come to them. The Grigori provides for their protection and sustenance.

    To this day, the Creta sends out expeditions to the far flung corners of the world in search for the secrets of healing and they send many to serve in the areas of great famine, disaster, disease, and war. Demonax has banned the use of weapons, so they must hire mercenaries to guard them when they leave the protection of Creta. They no longer worship Tartarus and Erebus, but worship instead: Khronos, the god of time; Eros, the god of love; and Hypnos, the god of sleep.


    The Father, Council of the Hvitalfr, Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
      Cretan Healer PF600.png
    The Coming of the Grigori,

    It is believed, that the Grigori were the first to arrive in Kelleemah.
    Whispered rumors say that they once rebelled against their "Hidden God" that they do not name.
    They were smote down at the battle of Dudael and were banished here.
    Most of the Grigori repented and chose to serve their god once again, while a small band still refused.
    Three times the repented have saved this world from the invading Shedim.
    The Grigori ended the Faith Wars.
    It is these fire eyed angelic beings that grace most of our maps.
    Most are symbols of goodness, bravery, and redemption.
    A reminder, that both the immortals and the mortalkind are trapped here together.


    The Father, Council of the White Elves, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
    Eden has been split into two realms. The western realm is ruled by the High Court of Angels. It is split into two factions; the Celestial Council and the Terrestrial Council. Each has four Arch Angels as members and the Lord Arch Angel Ramiel presides over the High Court and is the tie-breaker in any decisions. There are six empty chairs. Three belonged to the Lords of War and the other three belonged to the Haqqodasim. But, the Lords of War has informally established their independence with the ending of the Faith Wars and control the eastern side of Eden while the Haqqodasim have left all together and established separate monasteries in various parts of Kelleemah. The loss of these factions have placed a great strain on Ramiel and it is said that he is becoming more unstable and paranoid as the years pass. Many worry about what this may forebode for the rest of the races. Especially if the evil Grigori of Mount Hermon should take advantage of any opportunities that would present itself. Two other Grigori are said to exist within the world of Kelleemah, but little is known other than legends. Bezaliel has never been seen within Kelleemah, even by the other Grigori. Only whispers of his existence have ever been heard and all attempts to find him have failed. Azazel is said to be imprisoned below the desert of Dudael. If Azazel should ever escape, it would be the end of the world!


    The Father, Council of the White Elves, the Lord of Destiny, and the Patron Saint of Orphans.
    Ramiel is the Lord Arch Angel of Eden and presides over the High Court of Angels. He has 19 angels that serve him (As does each of the Arch Angels). It is said that he is the only one that still communes with their Hidden God. He has always received visions from his lord and even here, within their Kelleemah, it is said that he still perceives these visions, but with far less clarity. The Grigori was punished before for sharing their lives and knowledge with mortals. As such, all Grigori no longer sire nor give birth to Nephilim, the offspring of the "sons of God" and "mankind". And, Ramiel has forbidden the members of the High Court from interfering with the affairs of the other races. As such, the Grigori have only left Eden to wage war against the Shedim and until recently (in the time of the Grigori) during the Faith Wars. Some of the other races have started worshiping the Grigori's Hidden God, but pray to the Arch Angels instead, asking them to intercede on their behalf with the Hidden God. As such, they have started answering some of these prayers. Ramiel is also known as the Archangel of Mercy and the Protector of the Dead. His name means; Mercy of God.
      Ramiel - The Mercy of God - PF600.png
    The Celestial Council:

    1. Chazaqiel, the Clouds of God, Archangel of the Weather and Seasons.
    2. Baraqziel, the Lightning of God, Archangel of the Angelic Guard (Remnants of the combined Nephilim of Ramiel, the Celestial Council, and the Terrestrial Council after their devastating defeat at the battle of Dudael).
    3. Ananel, the Rain of God, Archangel of Life, Birth and Healing.
    4. Yamiel, the Days of God, Archangel of Time, Good Fortune and Destiny.
      Chazaqiel - The Clouds of God.png
      Baraqiel - The Lightning of God.png
      Ananel - The Rain of God.png
      Yamiel - The Days of God.png
    The Terrestrial Council:

    1. Arakiel, the Earth of God, Archangel of the Barren Places of the World.
    2. Asahel, Made of God, Archangel of all Living Things.
    3. Batarel, the Valley of God, Archangel of the Fertile Places of the World.
    4. Turiel, the Rock of God, Archangel of Mountains and Below the Earth (The Grimoire of Turiel is said to hold a complete list of the Kabbalah).
      Arakiel - The Earth of God.png
      Asahel - Made of God - PF600.png
      Batarel - The Valley of God - PF600.png
      Turiel - The Rock of God - PF600.png
    The Lords of War:

    1. Danel, God Has Judged, Archangel of Judgment and Death (Leader of the Lords of War).
    2. Kokabiel, the Star of God, Archangel of the Heavenly Host (365,000 strong army of Nephilim).
    3. Shamsiel, the Sun of God, Guardian of Eden (365,000 strong army of Nephilim).

    Many Knightly Orders and Secret Societies have pledged their loyalty to the Lords of War).
    The surviving Nephilim of Danel serves as ambassadors, envoys, and spies throughout the realms of Kelleemah.
      Danel - God Has Judged - PF600.png
      Kokabiel - The Star of God - PF600.png
      Shamsiel - The Sun of God - PF600.png
    The Haqqodasim:

    1. Tamiel, Perfection of God, Located somewhere within the lands of the Kush, Monastery that teaches Paladins of the Hidden God.
    2. Zaqiel, Purity of God, Located somewhere within the lands of the Jana, Monastery that teaches Clerics of the Hidden God.
    3. Sariel, Wisdom of God, Located somewhere in the Northern Reaches among the Yeti Tribes, Monastery that teaches the Kabbalists of the Hidden God.
      Tamiel - Perfection of God - PF600.png
      Zaqiel - Purity of God - PF600.png
      Sariel - Wisdom of God - PF600.png
    Mount Hermon:

    1. Samyaza, Infamous Rebellion, Leader of the Evil Grigori (His surviving Nephilim leads lesser beings of evil that do his bidding).
    2. Armaros, the Accursed One, (Her Nephilim trains the most powerful assassins in Kelleemah).
    3. Sathariel, the Mood of God, Commands the Order of Sheireil (365,000 strong army of Nephilim).

    The Angels and their Nephilim have become physically corrupted by their treason to their Hidden God. Their cursed forms are hardly Angelic anymore.
      Samyaza - Infamous Rebellion - PF600.png
      Armaros - The Accursed One - PF600.png
      Sathariel - The Moon of God - PF600.png
    Little is known of Bezaliel. If he is here in Kelleemah, nobody knows his location nor how many Nephilim he has at his command. He has stayed well hidden, even during the Shedim Wars.

    Bezaliel, the Shadow of God.
      Bezaliel - The Shadow of God - PF600.png
    Azazel, Strong Against God, Archangel of Destruction and Cataclysm.

    It is said that all of her Nephilim were executed after the battle of Dudael and that Azazel was imprisoned forever below the earth. A death cult worships Azazel and seeks to free her in order to destroy the world.
      Azazel - Strong Against God - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2017
    These ar fantastic - in all senses of the word. And your 'theology' seems to owe a lot to Christian Gnosticism - most interesting.
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2017
    This is just amazing. Very nice and thoughful work.

    Could you post some more close up views on some of the regions. In full view it's quite hard to see the changes you made. On Continent D I use the snipping tool for the close up view updates. This is a quite quick and efficient way to share updates.:)
    Thanks Quenten and HadrianVI! I can do a close up of each region or box them in red so viewers can see the area related to the other regions. At this level, their is only basic mapping done for each region (base terrain, vegetation, major rivers and mountains). This map represents the current time period; the Chess Wars.
    Here is a close-up of the Northern Reaches:
    1. Niflheimr
    2. Thule
    3. Skjaldborg Eylands
    4. Sutheimr
    5. Adlivun
    6. Kadzait
    7. Ikh-Niislel
    8. Mehteh
    9. Emishi Shimajima

    The Northern Reaches originally referred to just the mountainous regions north of Meginland (the mainland) but over time has come to represent all of the lands north of the Sellevolk mountain ranges in the West and the Ipa Plateau in the East. As such, it now includes the mythical lands of Niflheimr & Thule, the Skjaldborg Eylands, Ikh-Niislel, and the Emishi Shimajima.
      The World of Kelleemah - The Northern Reaches - PF1500.png
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