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    • CommentAuthorTopdecker
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017 edited
    I'm working through a little red-x problem. Looking in "C:\ProgramData\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Symbols\Dundjinni Archives\BL12_Dressing" I can see... Notice the lack of file folders. What I wanted to confirm was that there should be a set of subfolders, probably one for each FSC file. Can anyone take a peek for me? Thanks! Top
    • CommentAuthorLorelei
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    yeah, this is what is in my folder....there should be a set of subfolders there
    • CommentAuthorTopdecker
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Ok, thanks! I thought this would be the case based on the structure of other folders.

    I am re-downloading the installer to see if that helps...

    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Looks like you have forgotten to download and/or unzip the files with the actual symbols, or unzipped them to the wrong location. (Check the installation guide for the URL's if you haven't downloaded them)
    • CommentAuthorTopdecker
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    You were correct, Monson. I finally found the section that I was missing/skipping - it should make a big difference given the size of the archives.