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    Back in 2009 I made some 7 inch Battle tiles Read it here. Well I finally uploaded them in pdf format on my Google Drive if anyone wanted to take a look.

    Also if you are interested in the hex maps there is more information on my blog. GURPS Megadungeons
    So I'm now making these slightly different than I used make a battle tile.

    Layered Steps

    • Floor style is the main background

    • Dirt Layer with different transparencies

    • Hex Grid is the next layer

    • Surrounding Earth

    • Walls

    So what used to look like this

     photo DFCorridors00009b_zpskwwedq33.png

    Now looks like this, I think it looks cleaner without the grid in unused areas.

     photo DFCorridors00009b1_zpsdcz1oytm.png

    I'm still messing around with the dirt layers but here is an example

     photo DFRoom00000c2_zpsoobndsii.png
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2017
    If you put the surrounding earth on top of the walls, you get a more 3D-effects of the walls being dug into the ground, and you avoid shadows on the outside. (It will also cut wall thickness in 2 though)
    I wish I had thought of that earlier. To make it look good I'd need to increase the thickness of the walls and I would have to make all the corridors wider to compensate. I've got 30+ tiles made already, I don't think I'm ready to redraw them all.
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Well, something to think about next time.

    You're printing all of these for use in your games, right? Seems like an interesting option for building dungeons.
    Yes I am printing them out for my GURPS game. I've got 4" battle tiles in the works as well. I'm thinking of looking around to where I could get them professionally printed and mounted on some thick card. I've looked to some of the independent game manufactures but all their hex stuff is unusual size
    I've gotten 117 tiles done so far

     photo ContactSheet-001_zpst8jsl66d.jpg

     photo ContactSheet-002_zpscxjtqyg1.jpg

     photo ContactSheet-004_zpsbcoqvfee.jpg

     photo ContactSheet-003_zps2vmv1tel.jpg
    I forgot the Corridors

     photo ContactSheet-005_zpsxt2lveud.jpg

     photo ContactSheet-006_zpsqodv2yjt.jpg
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017
    Nice! And productive! :D
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017
    These look really useful, and very well done! They make me want to sit down and play with putting together different combinations, LOL.