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    I want to add ships to the docks area of my D&D map, I'm having trouble working this out. Does anybody know any good resources for this esp tutorials or a source of ship/boat symbols.
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2017 edited
    You can download several ship symbols from the ProFantasy website, here. They're vector symbols but you can still use them, or use them as a guide for making raster ships & boats.

    There is an amazing FREE sample of a ship map/layout that you can download from the ProFantasy website, here. It's large (for battle map style maps) but you could certainly resize it or adapt it somehow.

    There is also an issue of the Cartographer’s Annual made specifically for fantasy/wooden sailing ships, which you can see here. Again, however, this is mostly for battle map-level maps. And note that individual issues of the annual are not sold separately, so you would need to purchase the entire volume, but it comes with eleven other amazing issues. ProFantasy is in the middle of converting earlier annuals, such as this one, to be compatible with CC3+ but it will be a few weeks, at least, before that volume of the annual is done. It is, however, compatible with CC3, which you can install side-by-side with CC3+ on you computer, if you want to.

    And there may be even more options in 3rd-party symbol sets, such as the Vintyri collections or CSUAC, and others. I honestly don't know that much about them but you can check them out yourself and there are several other folks on the forum who might be able to chime in with more about them.

    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2017
    Ah, Issue 27 of the Annual, which is March, 2009. I had forgotten about that one. I may use it to make my Space; 1889! ships.
    Thanks for that the overhead shots are exactly the ones I was looking for