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      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Name PF1024.png
    Whiro & Mate WIP
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Whiro and Mate PF950.png
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    Will be interesting to see where this goes...
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    Looks intresting. Good job with the cliffs.

    Do I get it right, that the black areas are not accessable? And the sea background is the ocean around the Island/Continent?
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    Oooooh! This looks like it will be a real gem. Love me some under(dark)ground maps. I'll be watching this for sure.
    Yes, the black area is solid rock. The water is the ocean that surrounds the continent. I am mainly using the dungeon overland style for this one. This is just the initial work done to test the concept.

    Thanks JMunsonII, Hadrian I, and Shessar.
    • CommentAuthorpvernon
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    This is more of a theoretical question. Since this is an underworld map do you really need to be constrained be the sea coast? Could you use the edge of the continental shelf instead, or an arcane combination of both?
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    Hmm... why not use "smoke" as the "background..."
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2017
    I was asking myself the same question as pvernon and Jon (it's Jon, right?). But I thought it was kind of cool to see what areas are beneath the ocean.

    Maybe you could put a grayish sheet on top of the current background and set transparency to 40-60?
    These are all cool ideas. This is my first time using this style and I am not sure how to best handle the ocean. The ground is a little bigger. I kept it the same general shape though so people can look between the two maps and see what is where compared to each other. This comes in handy for those who want to tie the two together as part of an adventure or campaign. As such, I am not thinking of it from a purely "pretty map" perspective... I want the two maps to work together in a practical manner. I am thinking of making the background an underwater view. When this style came out, I asked for an underwater style as well. For right now though, I will concentrate on the underground portion and leave the background the way it is. I will come back to the ocean part when that is done. Keep the great ideas coming! :-)
    Actually - LoL!

    I had an epiphany. When I first made this map, I pulled the world map to use as a template, but that one did not show the features under the water. I pulled the later map with the features and cut out a large section from around my continent. I created a sea bed sheet and placed it in there and made it as close as possible in size to the one on my map. I then gave the background a 75 transparency. I then used a 90% solid (almost black) and went around the continent edges to both hide anything that did not quite match and to create the idea that the land widened farther down. I can add additional layers if need be. This also allows me to keep the map practical so that players and DM's can look at the two maps and know what is below/above what. I think that it came out half way decent. Especially when you view the whole map. I think that I am going to make some of the walls a little thicker.

    Thanks! :-)
      Nga-Whenuatoto - The Bloodlands - Sea Bed PF600.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Whiro and Mate w Sea Bed PF900.png
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2017
    How did you do those cool cliffs, I would love to use the method myself.
    Build a sheet for solid rock right below the symbols sheet and pick your favorite varied colored cliffs from any set. Cliffs go on symbols and solid rock bitmap goes on the solid rock sheet. Make sure that the solid rock covers the top of the cliffs. Fracticized solid rock sections (with smooth off) to give a more natural appearance. You will most likely have to the solid rock in sections. As such, create a sheet below solid rock sheet and call it solid rock patch. Add inner edge fade. Use solid rock fill with the new sheet to hide the lines that results from doing the solid rock sections.
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2017
    Is your continent now named Rarohenga? Or is that just your underworld section? And are Whiro and Mate just the Underworld names, as they do not appear on the surface map? Boy, am I confused! Love the work though.
    Rarohenga is the name of the underworld. Think of Myrkheim in Norse Mythology or Duat in Egyptian mythology. This is not a literal interpretation though. The place names are from Maori Mythology. Think of it as a version of AD&D's Underdark realms. In that setting, it had one universal name. For these maps, the realms below will have various names depending on the culture. The tribes of this continent name the realms below.... Rarohenga.
    It is starting to come together now.

    The edges are all blocked in with solid rock.
    Areas are named.
    Rivers and underground seas/lakes are in place.
    Underground sea of lava and lava flow.
    The great mushroom forest.
    The green fields of cave moss.

    Lots more to do for this one though. :-)

    1. Makeatutara - The guardians & gatekeepers to the Underworld
    2. Punga - The sea that falls through the whirlpools of Hatana above
    3. Kohu - The lands of mist
    4. Mahuika - The lava sea
    5. Nga-Manawa - The children of Mahuik
    6. Maru - The fresh water sea
    7. Hauwia - The great mushroom forests
    8. Kui - The city of the gods
    9. Papa - The land of the pillars
    10. Rohe - The wielders of black magic
    11. Tute-Wehiwehi - The Taniwha of the dark
    12. Whiro - The god of evil and darkness
    13. Mate - the sea of the dead
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP2 - PF650.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2017
    Wow. Looks great.:)
    Thanks HadrianVI! :-)
    Mahuika WIP

    The lava sea is named after Mahuika who is the sister of Hinenuitepo, the goddess of death. Mahuika is the goddess of fire and the mother of the Nga-Manawa.
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Mahuika - PF800.png
    Maru WIP

    The fresh water lake of Maru is named after the god of fresh water, streams, and rivers. He is also one of the war gods (with the other one being Tu).
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - The Fresh Water Sea of Maru - PF800.png
    Papa WIP

    Papa is named after the goddess Papatuanuku (often affectingly referred to as just Papa) who is the Primordial earth mother.

    This area is also known as the Land of the Spires.
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Papa - The Land of the Spires - PF750.png
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    This is all looking sinisterly fabulous
    Posted By: QuentenThis is all looking sinisterly fabulous

    (Insert Evil Laugh Here). Bwahaha! :-)

    Thanks Quenten!
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    Looks really great.

    There is, however, one thing that bugs me: Are since this is in fact one huge dungeon, are there still dungeons within the dungeon? :D
    At the local level maps, yes. There would indeed be dungeons, caverns, and cities carved out of the rock. For upper level dungeons and such, this is far below where they would normally reach. Most of the local dungeons , basements and caves from above would not show up on the continent level or even regional maps. They would probably only show up on the local maps if they went so far down, that they provided access to the realms located here. Possible locations would be demonic caverns or lairs that connect the upper and lower realms or a dwarf hold that delved so deep, that they unearthed tunnels leading to the realms below (Moria and the freeing of the Balrog). Think of this as Underdark from AD&D, Myrkheim from Norse Mythology, Duat from Egyptian Mythology, and other Hollow Earth realms from fantasy and science fiction (Journey to the Center of the Earth). The places labeled here are not dungeons per say; they are realms buried far below in a world all their own. :-)
    WIP3 - Rarohenga - the Underworld - Part 1

    1. Mate - The Sea of the Dead. The whirlpool drains the seawater that pours down from the two whirlpools in the upper realm of Hatana to the dark deep. The sacrificial stones are on the northern coast of the main island and it is said that the screams and wailing of the evil spirits within the deep can be heard from there. Ancient ruins are located on the southern isle and this is where Hine-nui-tepo, the Goddess of Death, is said to live. (Complete)

    2. Whiro - The God of Darkness and the embodiment of all evil. This realm is inhabited by the evil followers of Whiro. They travel to Mate to perform human sacrifices to their god. They are a debased people and are the eaters of the dead. They do not kill the sacrifices though, they perform their dark rituals and then throw them into the sea to go down into the dark deep. They believe that Whiro will catch them and then feast upon them. With each new sacrifice he gets stronger and one day he shall become strong enough to ascend to the realms above where he will devour all things. (I have not gotten started on this one yet as far as map detail goes.)

    3. Tute-Wehiwehi - The Father of all Lizardkind. The inhabitants of this realm are the taniwha (monsters) that where created by Tute-Wehiwehi in the old war against Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms. (I have not gotten started on this one yet as far as map detail goes.)

    4. Rohe - The Goddess of the Undead. Hags rule this realm and command an army of the undead. They worship Rohe. Rohe was once beautiful, but had her beauty magically stolen from her by her husband. She killed him with black magic and fled into the underworld. Whiro made her into the Goddess of the Undead. It is said that the hags beat the spirits of the dead as they go to meet Whiro and Hine-nui-tepo. They dwell within the caverns known as Te Uranga-o-tera and are ruled over by the descendent of Rohe's son, Rangihore, the God of Rocks and Stones. (I have not gotten started on this one yet as far as map detail goes.)

    5. Makeatutara - The Gatekeeper and the Guardian of the Underworld & Punga - The God of all Deformed and Ugly Things. The inhabitants of this realm are split between those you live within the great tower and the deformed than dwell within the Sea of Punga. They hate and war against each other. Makeatutara failed in his magic resulting in mankind remaining mortal and as such, his people is condemned to guard the entrance into the underworld. The Sea of Punga was formed when two great serpents of the earth dug into the upper world releasing Hatana (demons and evil spirits) upon mankind. Makeatutara is one of the few places where one can be safe, at least for as long as its people can hold off the deformed. Because of Makeatutara's failure, his people have lost the power of magic. (I have started texturing the land more here with all the work being in the south so far.)
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - Mate - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - Whiro - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - Tute - 650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - Rohe - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - WIP3 - Makeatutara - PF650.png
    WIP3 - Rarohenga - the Underworld - Part 2

    6. Papatuanuku - The Primordial Earth Mother. The beings of this land worship Papatuanuku (Affectionately referred to as Papa). They are neither pure good or evil, but are more like mankind in this regard. Several races dwell within this realm for it is the largest realm within Rarohenga. Although many waterways exist within the underworld (with water coming from both above and below), the lands of Papatuanuku are dry and rocky with only small patches of lichen, moss, and giant mushrooms here and there. The landscape is dominated by giant spires, some of which serve as nesting grounds or even cities. The only source of fresh water here is the sole river that drains the Maru Sea. In addition, most of the creatures that live here are hunters and you are the prey. One must be well rationed and armed to travel these lands. (Complete)

    7. Kui - Chthonic Demigoddess of Homesteads. Kui lives in this small realm where she rules over the city of Tuputupuwhenua which is named after her now dead husband. It is a light in the darkness and a safe haven for all travelers within the Underworld. (Only a few more touches to finish of this section).
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Papa - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Kui - PF650.png
    WIP3 - Rarohenga - the Underworld - Part 3

    8. Haumia-tiketike (or simply Haumia) - The god of wild or uncultivated foods. He too faced the wrath of Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms, but his mother; Papa the earth goddess, hid him within the ground. When he was later found by Tu the War God, Haumia returned to the realms above. But it is said that he left caretakers for his home below within great mushroom forest; just in case he ever needed to return. (Complete)

    9. Maru - The god of streams and rivers. Maru is also a god of war but subservient to Tu. The fresh water sea has been named after Maru as it is the largest body of fresh water within Rarohenga. Trade exists between Nga-Manawa, Kui, and some of the inhabitants of Papa. But the trading boats stick to the north shore when crossing Maru, for to the south is the land of the red mushroom forest and the fierce raiders known as the Haungaroa. (Almost Done)

    10. Kohu - The land of the mist. The lifeblood of Mahuika flows from the great lava sea, through the land of the mist (Kohu) and eventually disappears with the sea of Punga. Several rivers flow down into this valley and into the river of lava creating a constant mist throughout this realm. The heat and moisture makes for a lush terrain. But, most of the inhabitants of Rarohenga steer clear of this realm; for few have returned. The mist is very thick and it is easy to get lost. And, it is said that many strange creatures hide within. (I still have a lot to do with this realm).
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Haumia3 - PF600.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Maru3 - PF650.png
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Kohu - PF650.png
      Hine-nui-te-po - Ruler of Rarohenga2 - PF1024.png
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2017
    You have just given me nightmares, Charles.
    LoL! :-)
    WIP4 - Rarohenga
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - w. Goddess -PF650.png
    Update to Kui:

    Kui - Chthonic Demigoddess of Homesteads. Kui lives in this small realm where she rules over the city of Tuputupuwhenua which is named after her now dead husband. It is a light in the darkness and a safe haven for all travelers within the Underworld. (Complete).
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Kui P1024.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2017
    Kui looks very nice.:)

    Really great work!
    Thanks HadrianVI! :-)
    The high plain of Nga-Manawa. This realm is covered by moss fields with isolated groves of giant mushrooms. Rivers spring from various springs and empty into the Maru Sea. The inhabitants of this realm are the Nga-Manawa, the decendents of Mahuika's five children; the Fire People. They are very pale, with pointed ears, red hair, and wear black clothing. They are neither pure good or evil, but are like mankind. They feud against each other from time to time and they trade with the realm of Kui. The are divided into five tribes: Takonui, Takoroa, Manawa, Mapere, and Toiti. (It looks like I may have to increase the size of the icons for each territory.)
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Nga-Manawa - PF700.png
    Nga-Manawa 2 with larger icons.
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Nga-Manawa - PF7002.png
    Updated Mahuika: Thee Goddess of Fire!
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Mahuika - PF8002.png
    Updated Rarohenga Map
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - PF650.png
    Kohu update, the land of the mist!
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Kohu - PF700.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Very neat. :)
    Thanks HadrianVI! :-)
    Rarohenga update
      Rarohenga - The Underworld 2 - PF650.png
    Makeatutara & Punga update
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Makeatutara and Punga - PF1024.png
    Rarohenga update
      Rarohenga - The Underworld 3 - PF650.png
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    You are amazing with your eye for detail and consistency of 'culture' in the underworld. Your descriptions are very imaginative and interesting.
    Thanks Quenten! I really appreciate your kind comments. :-)
    Base terrain colors and additional rivers added to the three northern realms that are still being developed.
      Rarohenga - The Underworld 2 - PF800.png
    Rarohenga Update
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - PF6502.png
    Tute-Wehiwehi update
      Rarohenga - The Underworld - Tute PF900.png