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    • CommentAuthorgoldgrae
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    Hi there. I'm new here, and I just purchased the Fantasy Builder bundle. I understand most of the things I've been presented with so far, if only intellectually -- the actual practice will help in time.

    But! I am presented with a challenge that I would just like some help approaching. Between the symbol packs, the city stuff, the dungeon symbols, and the original CC3 symbols, not to mention the CSUAC and what-not, I have a lot of symbols spread over everywhere and I really need a way to condense them into an organizational system of my own making. Is there an easy way to do this? I understand (at least vaguely) that the .fsc's contain a collection of symbols which point into subfolders at the .png's and other parts of each symbol. Even being able to regroup these around similar .fsc's would be useful, but being able to group symbols themselves myself would be wonderful.

    Can anybody offer some guidance?

    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    Here are some options

    1) Create new .fcw files. You can create your own .fcw files, and insert the symbols you want. A quick way of doing this is starting a new map, inserting all the symbols you want, then go to the symbol manager, select all symbols, and save as a symbol catalog.

    2) Create buttons on the menu bar to directly access catalogs. Look here to see how I did this with the CSUAC catalogs. In that example, I used the fcw32.imn file to have them show up in every product, but buttons can also be added to the individual menu files (dungeon.mnu for dungeon designer, city.mnu for city designer, fcw32.mnu for overland, etc)

    3) Create new symbol catalog settings and filters to use the existing buttons to show additional catalogs.

    You should read the chapter "Symbols and Symbol Management" beginning on page 54 in the CC3 manual for some additional information on this. If you don't have the manual already, it is available for download from your registration page
    • CommentAuthorgoldgrae
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    Thank you! I must have simply glossed over that portion of the manual. Nonetheless, I'm sure I will have more questions.