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    • CommentAuthorprobstette
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008
    I have a coloured polygon, defined with multipoly. I cannot define the outline. Setting a line width and then re-hitting multi-poly still results in a coloured shape. Edit Properties and Change Properties are not working either, and if I outline in black, I can't thicken that line.

    I have defined the layer it is on as 'symbol bottom' so that the lines on top (symbol top) can be seen and manipulated easily. However, no layers are frozen.

    What /should/ I be doing?
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    You should be creating two spearate entities for this:

    - "Edit" the symbol from the Symbol Manager
    - "Explode" the Multipoly.
    - Copy the entities making up the multipoly to a different layer. Hide that layer
    - re-create the Multipoly from the original entities.
    - Show the layer you've previously hidden.
    - Make the entities on it black (or whatever color you want your outline to be and possibly Hollow fill style
    - Move them back to the SYMBOL DEFINITION layer.
    - Close the symbol editing window, accepting the changes.

    Thats should be it.