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    • CommentAuthornickverto
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008 edited
    When I use the add room tool in DD3 it creates the room but it places part of the wall on the inside of the gride lines. I want my walls to basically outline my room but not use any of the floor space of the room. Please see the below example of what I mean.

    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008
    Well this is a bit tricky, since default DD3 is setup the way you're map shows. But it can be done.

    - You'll need to draw rooms with the separate floor and walls drawing tools, not the Room and Corridor commands.
    - First draw your rooms with any of the Floor drawing tools, but no walls.
    - Then define a new rectangular grid (right-click the GRID button on the bottom of the screen). Make the snap spacing half the width of your intended wall width.
    - Now use the "Walls, Current Width, Current Fill" drawing tool to draw your walls around the rooms, using the grid to match it to the outside. See the screenshot below.
    • CommentAuthornickverto
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008
    Thanks for the info Ralf!