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    Hi - this is Bill R., Author of Terraformer.
    I am currently in the process of developing the next version of the
    Terraformer add-on package for Fractal Terrains Pro, this will be
    Terraformer Release 0.50...

    I have encountered both very good feedback, and a few complaints -
    about the current release 0.001(Alpha) - which is now available for
    download from Profantasy on their registration page - for those who
    are registering or updating their current version of FT PRO.

    Before submitting the next version to Ralph or Simon at Profantasy
    for review/approval, I need to hear from you - the users of
    I need both the positives and negatives that you have encountered
    using my package. I also need your questions and general feedback as

    This will aid me in writing the new User's Manual, and in fixing
    whatever problems you may have experienced using 0.001.

    It would also be nice to hear your ideas about possible
    improvements / additions to the package, or any additional resources
    that I might use in developing this, and other possible future
    versions of the add-on that I might not be aware of.

    You may submit your responses either by posting them here at the
    forum - at the cc2/cc3/Fractal Terrains Pro YAHOO mail group, or, by sending them directly to my current email
    address at

    Thank You...Bill R.
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2008
    I am afraid I don't have to many suggestions for you. But I love the package, and looking forward to the next version.

    Maybe some more non-earthlike image climates would have been useful. I frequently find myself making alien planets.
    I will do a few more experimental ones Monsen. Actually - right now - I have a few that has a sort of "blue green" tint to the vegetation in the climate zones which might be useful in simulating green plant life that has adapted to a red orange or red sun (stellar types early "K" through early "M" classes). I have done research into different start types that could feasably harbour Earth like worlds and have been pondering how variations in sun type (color) would affect the color and appearance of green plant life distributions...

    Actually - how "Alien" an Earth like world (how different) it might be from our own world - might be more dependant upon the distribution of it's biomes (climate zones) - as opposed to variations in plant color.

    The color of bare earth and sand - one might consider - as perhaps being pretty much consistant with "most" "Gaia" type worlds. We can observe that sands on mars - and martian soil - basically 'resembles" sands and soil found on Earth very very closely - even though their chemical compositions may differ from those found on Earth to a considerable degree.