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    • CommentAuthordutch206
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2008
    I am wondering how to do something and thought I would ask the brain trust here.

    I want to make a map with a "six-point interrupted sinusoidal projection" like the one in FT Pro. (It looks like the GURPS and Traveller map forms in Cosmographer Pro)

    The problem is, I want to do it in CC3. I tried using the "Simple Create Mode" in FT Pro, but my map ended up looking like it had been drawn by a three year-old. I tried doing it in Cosmographer, but the map isn't detailed enough for my liking. (Also, I detest mapping on hexes. Too many years of graph paper, I suppose.)
    My world map is an interrupted projection, so I speak from experience that you should think, and rethink, whether you really want to do one. If you are using this for a game, the list of pluses for the format is pretty short, and it is really a pain in the neck to work with.

    What I did (originally in CC2, but it should hold):
    1. Drew the outline of the interrupted map inside another map border.
    2. Drew each continent piece. Used the modifiers to ensure that I connected properly to the edge of the map.
    3. Drew reference lines across from each map edge intersection, and used it as reference when I continued drawing the map in the next section.

    It's really not that hard, but you have to do a lot of manual work because you cannot use the standard map borders to contrain your drawing. I've left off the modifications when I figured out I'd blown my math (when I first cut it into what should have been a sphere and instead I got a torpedo-looking thing), then again, when I was much closer but still not quite on.

    • CommentAuthordutch206
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2008
    Kind of line the old Judge's Guild maps? They would trace a light grey hexagon in the background of each sheet to show how large an area on the "big map" this detail map covered.

    I never thought of that. D'oh!
    Yes, the old Judges Guild maps are a good model. My explanation was not very clear: I drew a map border that was rectangular, then drew the outline of the interrupted map. I then drew within that inner map boarder and drew reference lines where I needed to ensure that the coast on one section lined up with that in another.