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    I logged on to my ProFantasy account to purchase the CC3+ upgrade and an upgrade for my CC2 version of Symbol Set 3. After putting the CC3+ upgrade into my cart, I was logged out of the site. To add the Symbol Set upgrade, I had to log back in, and when I went to finish and pay for the order I was logged out, and had to do the order without being logged in and then add the order to my account afterwards. I was able to do this, so I do have access to my new purchases, but every time I leave my registration page I get logged out, and when I am logged in my cart shows 2 items with a subtotal of $46.90. If I click on my cart, I get logged out and redirected to the store page. None of this is a crucial problem, because I am able to get on to my registration page and download the software I purchased, but it is exceedingly strange, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2015 edited
    Yea, I can definitely see the same issue. Seems like you are not getting logged out though, because if you go back to the main page it shows you as logged in again, but it looks like the store isn't able to access your session data properly, so it doesn't see you as logged in. I've notified ProFantasy staff about the issue now. Thanks for reporting.