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    I'm trying to make a dungeon, and need help figuring out how to set the grid up so that the symbols line up to the grid's snap points for instance have 4 dots line up to one square piece etc..and also, I'm having trouble placing symbols in such a way they line up perfectly with each other..i think getting the grid snap points working like I want would fix that, but any help is appreciated. thanks.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2015
    You need to make sure your snap grid is configured with the same values as your visual grid. You can edit the snap grid by right-clicking the Grid button in the bottom left corner, then select a grid that matches your visual grid. Note that most grids have a main size, and a number of in between snap points, usually expressed in the name as 10' grid, 2 snap, where the latter number refers to the number of subdivisions in the snap grid (in this case, 2 subdivisions, which means you have a snap point every 5'). If none of the grids in the box fit your needs, simply create a new one; You'll want it to be 2D rectangular, X and Y spacing should match your visual grid, snap divisions should usually be 1, 2 or 4 depending on how fine-grained control you need (If you use 2 snap divisions, you'll be able to make things snap in the middle of the grid, and not just the corners) and grid origin should match anyone corner of your grid, normally 0,0 will do excellently.
    So that will line up the dots with each corner of each square on the grid so that i can snap the corridors along those squares? I tend to like to use the squares of the grid to help me map things out a least when i use that kind of paper irl. just need to do it on the program and I'd be happy. :)
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2015
    Yes, as long as your visual grid and snap grid shares the same settings, the snaps will line up with your grid.

    Also note, I assumed you had an existing grid in this case, but if you create a new visual grid, there is also a checkbox in the grid options box that automatically sets the snap grid for you to match the visual grid.
    heh well, I'm new to the whole mapmapking software stuff, i know a tiny bit, but not everything enough yet. Still, I have a couple of greyed out options on bottom right when doing a new dungeon map... the "set snap grid" and everything under that. So, assuming I'm creating a new dungeon map from scratch and want to use the grid itself as the 10 foot spaces, hence using the snap points on the 4 corners of each square, how would i set that up exactly?

    *edit* Strike that last question. I think I figured that part, the main part is, how do make the grid small enough that I can zoom in and the geomorphs will fit along the grid lines without enlarging them too much, so I can have a very large amount of space to work with in case I want to make a large one level dungeon?
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2015
    The geomorphs are designed to fit a 5' grid, so you should use that (and keep the symbol scale at 1.0, don't enlarge or shrink the geomorphs). If you want lots of available space, simply make sure to create a large dungeon map from the wizard. (If you run out of room later, remember you can easily copy everything to a new and larger map as well)
    Thanks, Monsen. Will definitely try that soon..and I can't wait until the CC3+ gets the update to fix the snap point problem. Till then I'll continue to use just CC3
    • CommentAuthorPaniPonura
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2017
    Och THANK you Monsen!

    Your reply has also helped me to solve my problem :) I'm a total beginner and I was trying to figure out why on earth I can place symbols only on the corners of grid squares :)