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    • CommentAuthorNeight
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2015
    The Mike Schley Overland symbol set includes forests and single trees of various types, but doesn't seem to have any small/single symbol for scrub. It has only a large, square block and a standalone tree without any undergrowth, and this limits what I can do.

    Am I missing something or is this a feature of the symbol set?
    Having this same trouble. Cant fill a round space or even spread the scrub/swamp area around in other than as series of squares.
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2017 edited
    Here is how I work with the scrub symbols. Hope it helps!
      Scrub 1.png
      Scrub 2.png
      Scrub 3.png
    Thats not bad, seems the only way I can think of too. Odd that they dont allow a FILL with this, would sure help.
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    Well, you can make your own custom fills, it just takes a little work. The way I do mine is:

    1. Create the image in CC3+ that I want to make into a fill.
    2. Save it as a JPG.
    3. Open the JPG in GIMP.
    4. Apply an Alpha Layer.
    5. Crop image to a square.
    6. Add Map Filter, Make Seamless.
    7. Export as a PNG.
    8. Move into a file in CC3+ (I have a MY FILLS file).

    Others may have different ways of doing it, but this is the quickest way I've found.