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    For this battle map, I wanted a top down perpective so I used a vanishing point (in the middle of the bridge).
    Walls sides and river banks were made using shaded polygons with a high pitch of 80° for the walls.

    The bridge floor and stairs were drawn in CC3 in vector lines then exported and painted with The Gimp then imported back in CC3.
    Some post work with Gimp too.

    Comments welcome!

    link to the high resolution map (3Mb jpg)
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Looks great !
    • CommentAuthorHenrie61
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Impressive as usual.
    Thanks JimP and Henrie61.

    You can even use the shaded polygons technique to create a top down perspective of a polygonal room that way:
    Some more work on the door frame, added some symbols...
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014 edited
    What a crappy map. What hack did that?

    I'm KIDDING, I'M KIDDING! It's GORGEOUS, as usual. And, especially, thank you for sharing your technique (also as usual)!!!

    You said you used an 80° pitch, but when I tried converting a quick sample to a shaded polygon, I was prompted for an angle first, and then a pitch. Did you leave the angle at 0?

    And, really, it's a gorgeous map. You're always pushing the boundries. I get a real kick out of the "3D" gridlines, though the lack of a vertical grid line at the drop in the Z axis is just a tiny bit "jarring" to me, even with the cliff acting like the vertical grid line. But the whole thing is beautiful. I especially like the different shadow lengths of the bridge's sides, how the wall shadow falling on the bridge is much smaller than the wall (and bridge) shadow falling on the water. You're eye for detail is fantastic.

    Did you use a particular style/symbol set? And, out of curiosity, what do the triangles represent?

    Thanks again!
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014
    Okay after looking at the map longer, I have to add that I'm blown away by how awesome the "cliffs" at the riverside are. The textures look great and the fade on them, or the river, or both, really makes it look like they descend into the water.

    Did you just solve the overhead battlemap cliff issue?!

    Bravo again,
    Thanks Dogtag (as usual )

    Shaded polygons need two angles:
    1. the direction angle, just angle , in the prompt that indicates the geographic direction faced by the polygon. 0° is due East, 90° North, 180° West and 270° South. In the sample dungeon room above, the oblic wall has an angle of 30°.
    2. the pitch which indicates the angle between the polygon and the horizontal. The default value is 45° because I think shaded polygons were designed to create roofs. With 0° you have an horizontal shape whereas with 90° it's vertical. Here, to keep some light on the walls, I used 80° instead of 90°
    Then if you use the SUN INFO command you can alter the dark/light areas by changing the sun parameters. Here I set the azimuth to 300° and the elevation to 45°. Shaded polygons adapt to any change you make.

    Please note that shaded polygons are no more considered as normal polygons. For example, you cannot NODE EDIT them.

    I didn't use a specific style/symbols.

    I'm playing the almost defunct D&D 4th Edition, the triangles - or deltas - represent difficult terrain: each marked square counts twice for movement.

    Cliff were made with shaded polygons too, then exported as png and reworked with GIMP. The light blue river sheet has an edge fade, inner effect to simulate cliffs descending in the water.

    I've added the FCW file for reference but be aware of the red crosses phenomenon: the bridge, the cliffs, the deltas and perhaps more symbols are home-made...
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2014
    SWEET! Thanks for helping out a veteran newbie (been a newbie for about 15 years now, ha ha).

    • CommentAuthorKenG
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2014
    Oh wow amazing ... and now something else I have to learn how to do. Does it ever stop. ...
    Posted By: KenGDoes it ever stop. ...

    I hope not... CC3 has so much to offer. The question is how far are you willing to explore the possibilities ;)