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    I've had a long line appear on my map, diagonally throught the continent that I've just drawn. It appeared as i got the the point where the land default tool in the Mercator historical annual was about to rejoin the start point. I right clicked to finish the join, the coastline joined, and this line appeared cutting horizontaly through the join from top to bottom of the map.

    The continent took quite a while to draw out, and i really don't want to have to do it again. Any ideas of how i can get rid of this line?
    • CommentAuthorRob
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    it's caused by two points being to close. What you need to do is zoom in and try removing control points along the line.. you can do this with the Delete node command.. it's basically caused by the line thickness being so high that it can't draw the line 100%.

    So to do it.. zoom in on the area..

    Click on the Delete Node Command (looks like a box with a > and a minus between the box and the > ) then carefully click around the area, or on exactly where it messes up.

    it -should- fix the problem.

    Hope that helps

    It did, thanks for the help:)
    Another problem has appeared. I've edited my coastline using the 'e' command. Everything is fine, the old bit deletes and the new coastline appears. The problem comes when i add a glow, the glow surrounds the original coastline, including the parts that were deleted, but not the new edited parts. How do i overcome this?
    • CommentAuthorRob
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2008
    That's because the 'land' is made of 2 parts, the costline and the land itself, you need to do some adjustments to the land to make it show up as the new outline does.. the quickest way.. just copy the outline itself, and paste it back in on a new layer, then change it's thickness to 0 and it's fill style to the annuals main one.

    I agree with Rob. Copy/Paste is what I did with my Mercator map that I imported in from FT Pro