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    • CommentAuthorChains101
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008

    I bought this program cause of our D&D group setup. We are gonna try something new and this is how it works...

    I want to make the maps and then save them to a file and open them up in photoshop and create layers for all the creatures and players and put a fog of war over the top and display it thru a projector. So what i want to do is make the map, then have layers for each monster and trap and go ahead and set them all up where i want them. Then cover the whole thing with a black layer. I will have printouts of the map so i know where everything is. then as they move down the halls i will erase as we go....when they encounter monsters...i will be able to move them as normal thru layers.

    OK....THE PROBLEM IS....

    i cant figure out how to save the map to open in photoshop so it will show up in high quality when i zoom in.....all i can get is a huge map and when i zoom of course it pixalates and it all turns into big blobs when i zoom in in photoshop. do i save my map so that my zoom is dynamic in photoshop like say a PDF or just so it will show up in high quality when i zoom in.

    i hope i explained what i want well enough for one of you to help me
    • CommentAuthorRob
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    Ok known problem.. how to fix..

    Go to: View - Display Speed Settings.

    Click on Fixed Bitmap Quality: Very High
    Click on clear Bitmap Cache
    Tick Redaw on ok.
    Hit ok

    Zoom in on a section of your map.

    Export to Jpg like that.

    you should get a nice high pixel version that doesn't cause any problems.

    Don't know when PF is gonna fix that little 'issue'.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    Also make sure you set the export resolution sufficiently high. Raster images doesn't support unlimited zoom like a vector image program does, so if you need to be able to zoom far in, you need to export using a very large export resolution. (Settable through the options button in the save as dialog after selecting the correct export type)
    • CommentAuthorjohn
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2008
    I think you could create similar effects using CC3's built-in sheets and layers so you wouldn't have to export a jpg and do it all in photoshop. Just put all your layers in the order you want and hide them as needed.

    Then again, I haven't tried using "live" maps in my gaming yet, so your mileage may vary. =)