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    Now I`m ready with the castle of barony Silz. I made with the symbol set #4 and some symbols from DD3 and the art packs from Raymond Gaustaches. It's a redone map from harnmaster.
      Burg Silz - Erdgeschoss.JPG
    The first floor of the castle.
      Burg Silz - Erster Stock.JPG
    The second floor of the castle
      Burg Silz - Zweiter Stock.JPG
    And third and last floor of the castle
      Burg Silz - Dritter Stock.JPG
    • CommentAuthorlandorl
    • CommentTime2 days ago
    I love your maps. On the Silz town map, how did you do the smaller gardens?
    Hello landorl,

    for the fields and the path between it I use the terrain bitmaps from Herwins overland style.